Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Stop and Listen

There have been some serious energetic shifts placed on the planet recently.  Many of us may have witnessed positive change coming through via this lighter vibration. Perhaps you have felt a higher sense of awareness or resolution to some underlying issues? Now is a good time to heighten you awareness further, open up to your guides and Spirit.

Sometimes in the middle of the night when I am meant to be sleeping I have what I call “downloads”.  I can’t sleep as I get a pile of information fed to me via what I can only describe as telepathy from my guides. I can’t hear it in the physical, it is not a thought or my mind working overtime. It is what is best described as a download of information that leads me to my own personal realizations. It is a type of awareness, and gets stronger the more I acknowledge it.  Obviously, for those who know me, it is the only time I actually slow right down and have no choice but to listen!

 It was my intent to begin the new year classes discussing the universal laws that govern our earthy existence (which we will get back to soon), stemming from the  idea  that when we understand these laws,  we easily move forward along the journey of life with a greater awareness of how, what, where and why everything is. That is so typical of my mind at work, concerned about what are we going to learn next and not trusting to just “be” and see what else is in sync around me.   

We finished the year off, by acknowledging that we are made up of the light, and are one with that light. Pure consciousness is all there really is and the reality of what we physically live in is a dense illusion of what our soul really knows. The last few months have been about really putting my spiritual faith into action. I have really looked closer into what the light is and who, what and why we are? It was not difficult, as the universal laws bring it in as it is planned, all synchronized for our soul to find and work at. Clearly the effects on our every day existence surrounds the universal laws of life. The very thing I wished to teach, but to teach one needs to see it with eyes fully open.  

In my personal life, at present, our focus has sadly been on a family member who was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and it's heart breaking to see them fade in front of our eyes day by day. A very new experience for me. The evolving picture here is that the universal laws are real, they affect us here on earth and also life thereafter.  Universal laws explain who, what, where, when and why?  How we create our existence and the reason for its existence. Life and death is exactly that.  

A dear friend, very familiar with losing loved ones, kindly dropped a book into me and said “read it”.  A book she has not yet read herself.  It was her download – She says “I just got the book – you need to read this before me.”   The book is called  “Proof of Heaven”, written by Dr Eben Alexander. Not that I have doubt, but she got the message and said she felt it would shine more light literally on our pain. So true she was.

Let me give you some background about the author. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon goes into a coma after contracting a severe brain infection, his doctors, who were also colleagues tell his family to prepare for the worst – death or at best, survival in a vegetative state. Remarkably, Dr Alexander wakes seven days later with his faculties intact. Just as extraordinary is the detailed recall of his near-death experience. Based on all that is known about how the brain works, Dr Alexander had no capacity, while in his coma, to create thought; his neo cortex, the part of the brain that makes us human, had effectively shut down. So how is it that he awoke with a coherent and profound set of memories?  Dr Alexander spent his life unravelling the mysteries of the human brain through the prism of medical science. The truth of his near death experience was really about him grasping the truth about reality. “The Enigma of Consciousness” chapter explains it. His experience showed him that the body and brain is not the end of consciousness.

How does this relate to my downloads, the Universal Laws and the truth of our very existence?  The more we learn about these laws, the more we listen to our guides we will realize that life isn’t about look at what I can do, what I have or how clever is my mind?  It is about how everything is interconnected, our world is made up purely of energy – energy is the light. The brain can’t see beyond a certain point, as science can not be both the observer and the object of study.  Universal law states that all is one and interconnected and cannot be separated as science has tried.  This is what Dr Alexander had learnt from his experience.

Before I read this book, I actually spent time with this family member explaining what to expect when it was time.  Generally this is not an easy thing to do. However, I could do this easily as conversations had previously taken place prior in regards to their funeral requests. It was also easy to do because I trusted in the information that my guides had given me via download. We are never alone, we have our guides working with our soul, feeding us the soul food, allowing us opportunities to learn, no matter the age, it comes as a sequence of events that have to occur for the soul to complete its journey. There I had the tools, and the download to share this with this family member. Very aware of existing fears of letting go, I was able to explain or confirm the soul process. I think at this stage, a person knows their path, it sometimes the unfinished emotional attachments that stall the inevitable. I feel it is comforting to let them know that they will know when it is time to return home, that Angels are already present and patiently waiting ready to guide them. Their Angels will direct them to the light and to have no fear as there is nothing to fear, as explained by others who have had near death experience. Their mind no longer has the earthly hang ups, however, the transition requires that they have peace in their hearts

I quote from Dr Alexander’s book  “The ascendance of the scientific method based solely in the physical realm over the past four hundred years presents a major problem;  we have lost touch with the deep mystery at the centre of existence – our consciousness.  It was (under different names and expressed through different world-views) something known well and held close by pre-modern religions, but it was lost to our secular Western culture as we became increasingly enamoured with the power of modern science and technology 
He also says “questions concerning the soul and afterlife, reincarnation, God and heaven proved difficult to answer through conventional scientific means, which implied that they might not exist”
The message here is simple.  Trust and see truth in all that surrounds you.  Listen to you own guidance for truth. Get to know your soul... which is simply to live by the Universal Laws.       
Use your mind, your intelligence to see truth in who you are, rather than getting bogged down in the third dimensional reality.  
Who are you..... really?
What are you here to learn?
Why have you chosen these souls that surround you?
You were born with all six senses ... so use all six and move beyond what you have been conditioned to believe is “reality”.   


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