Sunday, 18 March 2012

Land Clearing & Land Healing.

A large farming enterprise in the Goulburn Valley was experiencing an abundance of electrical and mechanical breakdowns in their everyday running of their business enterprise.  There was also an uncomfortable feeling around certain parts of the property, and the occupants of the property were also experiencing extreme tiredness, fatigue and were very concerned for their own personal and family health and the health of their business. 

From my initial contact with the property owners I was told they were open minded and also attuned to the energies with awareness of spiritually activity on the property. They knew that there was something more interfering with day to day operations and their well being.   They were considering a decision to either get help to release these spirits or they themselves would need to leave.

Immediately, Mary intuitively began to work on the layout of the property, mapping the energy  ley lines and positioning of vibrational essences and crystals which is done through a process called scanning.   Lisa with her clairvoyance was able to confirm the spiritual activity and knew that it was either the spirit be cleared or the owners needed to leave.

On our way to the property, we both distinctively got the message, we would not welcome when simultaneously we both felt an instant headache as we approached.  We actually missed our turn as these spirits really didn’t want us there. 

Eventually, 30 minutes later, we found our way and driving up to the property we knew we were being watched.    So meeting the lovely family, everything again, was reconfirmed and it was then time to do the job.    Lisa walked the property to where ever she need to go as her job was to clear the spirit activity in the dairy and sheds and on various parts of the property.    Mary, accompanied by the owner, traveled by a bike to key points on the property, placing citrine and rose quartz on two of the borders and vibrational essences (clary sage, guinea fowl and white howlite - protection) in the area marked on the plan which had been mapped out earlier, later to discover on the property there was a circle of large dead trees.    This is typical where there is negative energy incidentally; this was nearby where Lisa had cleared the most stubborn spirit (white colonial man).

From Lisa’s point of work and ability she worked on the aboriginal spirit, a Sharman who didn’t want anybody on this particular land.  Aboriginals are very territorial.   He was backed by other aboriginal spirit as they believed they owned the land. 
Eventually, after some time and heavy work, Lisa was able to convince the Sharman and the others to go to the forest, all in peace.  The hardest job was the stubborn colonial man, he was the hard work for Lisa, but in the end he too was gone.  

The owners of the property could feel the difference in the energies as the property was transformed into a lighter, clearer atmosphere.   
We wish to thank the owners of the property, for their trust and value that we all share.  


  1. beautifully written mary :-)

    1. I met the most wonderful people through doing this land healing. It is so nice when like minded people support this work. I feel its a previlige to be asked to do the work, and the reward is in the final outcome. All parties including what needed to be released are now freed. That is so awesome in itself. Lisa, with her extraordinary ability and sense made this job complete. So, I thank her deeply for her help.


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