Monday, 2 July 2012

Your life is your Tapestry

Do you ever wonder why me? If this is you congratulations. It means that you are willing to look inward.

Personally, my spiritual journey has been about evaluating all of my experiences, looking deep within myself.

From as early as being in my mothers womb, through fitting into the family I chose to be born into, the school years, challenges from young adulthood, partnerships of all kinds, being a mother and today the teacher all with their own individual challenges. In fact, let’s go even further, I have also had to look at my past lives, which are so relevant to what this life has served up to me. I have found so much clarity in looking in on that multi dimensional plain, its all there, printed in my blueprint it is the energy that – “I am”.

My life has been constantly evolving, from experience to experience. I have felt sad, depressed, happy, afraid and confused and so much more. I have so many times just wondered why … why me? Did I deserve these experiences? It wasn’t fair and at times I could just crawl under a rock and die.

Along the way, I have been given opportunities from Spirit to work through all of these experiences. Not always listened and not always got it right. Sometimes it took several or multiple goes to learn the same lesson.

It may be fair to say, particularly in the early days, that in 99% of these experiences I had no idea what the lessons were in my life’s tapestry. It took some hard work … but I eventually did begin to “get it” and today I am still working on exactly that. Within every thread that is interwoven in my life tapestry, it is evident that each thread is connected to another, like every experience that ever existed, is all interwoven in the overall picture of my life.

All synchronized in Divine Order for Divine Purpose – My Soul Purpose. My Soul that is interconnected with all other Souls in my Tapestry of Life. All Souls being directly connected to Divine Source.

This is all so simple … By me looking into my truth’s, meditating and learning to listen to the truth which my guides have shown me in numerous ways, also with guidance from kindred Spirit’s, I feel I have made some big discoveries about “why me”. I feel I have found direction for my self and now understand what this tapestry or life journey is about. I feel comfortable with my life lessons, able to make the choice to take responsibility for them as well as fully embracing and owning them with love and gratitude.

Each of us has our own tapestry, so I recommend you tap into your truths. Listen, feel and see the truth in all that surrounds you. There is no coincidence … just open your awareness and the only truth that matters is your truth.

“Recognise what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you” – The Nag Hammadi Library


  1. Love the new format... straight from your heart. Thankyou for sharing. And thankyou for all of the inspiration you provide us all x

  2. Thanks minded people are those that inspire.


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