Thursday, 30 January 2014

Freedom of Choice

What Exactly is Choice?

The belief that you have right to make a decision.                                                      
In our energy world, consider that the decision has already been made, our task is to tap into the energy of that decision and make choices.  The answer is in believing that the conclusion is already the outcome! 

The belief you have the right to adopt your own values.                                         
Being able to embrace your own thought/feelings.  It is the ability to assume that whatever you choose it will be correct.  Not needing the endorsement of others.  Not looking for consent, or feel obligated to the fears of others.  Understanding that your own value does not come at a cost. Everything you have to offer is useful/desirable.

The belief that you can have your say.                                                                       
The faith to pronounce your truth.  To give voice to the statement you want to declare in your life.
What do you want to make known?  Not losing opportunities through lack of expression!

The understanding that there is an alternative.                                                         
That there is a different way than our parents told us it ‘should’ be done!  Replacing our parent’s belief system in order to find our own. Acknowledging that we unconsciously rely on our parents in order not to take responsibility!!  (creating fall backs in case we fail).

The knowing that there is always a solution.                                               
Understanding that the answer is always internal and not external.  Looking for the answer outside of the self teaches us not to trust our own ability.

The ability to find your own answer.                                                                             
That we have the potential to tap into our power and expand our capacity to create change.  Where do we give our power away?  Understanding it is only fear that stops us.  What do you fear?

The courage to put into action.                                                                                   

The ability to move!  To create?    To understand that your performance does not reflect on how you ‘think’ you should behave.  We fail to put into action for fear of failure!  That our conduct will not be acceptable in the sight of others.  It is impossible to fail what has already been decided. 

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”
Ken Levine


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