Thursday, 30 January 2014

Freedom of Choice

What Exactly is Choice?

The belief that you have right to make a decision.                                                      
In our energy world, consider that the decision has already been made, our task is to tap into the energy of that decision and make choices.  The answer is in believing that the conclusion is already the outcome! 

The belief you have the right to adopt your own values.                                         
Being able to embrace your own thought/feelings.  It is the ability to assume that whatever you choose it will be correct.  Not needing the endorsement of others.  Not looking for consent, or feel obligated to the fears of others.  Understanding that your own value does not come at a cost. Everything you have to offer is useful/desirable.

The belief that you can have your say.                                                                       
The faith to pronounce your truth.  To give voice to the statement you want to declare in your life.
What do you want to make known?  Not losing opportunities through lack of expression!

The understanding that there is an alternative.                                                         
That there is a different way than our parents told us it ‘should’ be done!  Replacing our parent’s belief system in order to find our own. Acknowledging that we unconsciously rely on our parents in order not to take responsibility!!  (creating fall backs in case we fail).

The knowing that there is always a solution.                                               
Understanding that the answer is always internal and not external.  Looking for the answer outside of the self teaches us not to trust our own ability.

The ability to find your own answer.                                                                             
That we have the potential to tap into our power and expand our capacity to create change.  Where do we give our power away?  Understanding it is only fear that stops us.  What do you fear?

The courage to put into action.                                                                                   

The ability to move!  To create?    To understand that your performance does not reflect on how you ‘think’ you should behave.  We fail to put into action for fear of failure!  That our conduct will not be acceptable in the sight of others.  It is impossible to fail what has already been decided. 

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”
Ken Levine

Thursday, 23 January 2014


All crystals come in different forms or shapes and can be utilized in different ways to manifest what we require to bring in balance and harmony for self and our environment. 

From geodes to points, being aware of the shapes helps us to harness the unique power of crystals, especially the countless forms of Quartz.  Certain forms are natural others have been shaped.  

Crystal Points are very common tools used in healing self and others.  Here is a list of common ones, but there is many more.   

Abundance  - A crystal with smaller crystals attached to the base or side.   Excellent for fighting depression and recharging.  

Record Keeper – Naturally edged triangles on one or more faces.  The keepers of ancient knowledge and information. Helps to expand your personal data base.  Superb tools for meditation, they often can take you back to ancient times. 

Window Crystal – Diamond shape in face.acts as a “window to the soul” Clears your perception, and is great for accessing past lives.  Reminds you to be open minded and to let in the light. 

Rainbow Crystal – naturally flasheds the colours of the rainbow.  Brings peace and joy into your life.  Works in balancing all energy centres of the body.  A constant reminder that there is love and light in every moment. 

Scepter Crystal – Believed to have been worn and carried by priests/priestesses of Atlantis and Lemuria.  Reminds you of who you are and why you are here. 

Phantom – A crystal with another gas or mineral which has layered itself in imitation of the original point. Represents the many experiences one encounters in a life time.  Symbolizes universal awareness, and can facilitate access to past lives and spirit guidance. 

Laser crystal – Wand in shape.. slender with smaller faces and a wider base. Facilitates a refined communication with other worlds.  Excellent tool for energy or bribrational healing.  Focuses direct energy with accuracy and precision. 
Time Link Crystals  (above and below) –The properties of Window Quartz, plus: A Future Time Link Window is a stretched parallelogram shaped facet to the right side of the main crystal face. It helps stimulate right brain function and provides insight into future events.  Teaches patience and reminds you to give yourself time.  It helps stimulate left brain function and provides insight into past events.

Spheres - Many crystals have been shaped into spheres for Scrying tools – as reading the “crystal ball”.

Geodes – hold and amplify energy within themselves.  Cave like in shape, they are useful for protection and aid spiritual growth.

Pyramids – can be used to draw of negative energies and blockages from the chakras, replenishing with vibrant energy.   They enhance and focus the inherent properties of the crystal. 

Square Crystals -  consolidates energy within its form.  It is useful for anchoring intention and for grounding. 
Free Form shape crystals have no rigid internal organization.  They are strong acting and instant in their 

Egg Shape – confine and shape energy and can be used to detect and rebalance blockages in the body.  The more pointed end is useful reflexology or acupressure tool.  They make excellent ‘hand comforters” to use in times of stress. 

Clusters – radiators of energy into their environment and cab also absorb detrimental energy.  They can be programmed and left in place to do their work.  Especially useful for cleansing a room or other crystals, in which case the crystal should be left overnight on the cluster. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Introduction to Crystals

Mother Earth has an abundance of crystals on offer and these crystals have been part of our lives dating back from ancient civilizations to this very day.  The uses of clear quartz crystal are unlimited in both the healing field and the scientific and industrial field.   In Atlantis and Lemuria, they were used as highly evolved tools because of the purity of their light beam and their ultrasonic transmitting power, much as today’s electronic world and industry use them.  In Egypt they were used as amplification devices.  Crystals were put next to wires when lines of communication were broken.  To the American Indian culture it has been, and remains their most sacred stone, a symbol of light in the earth.  In some tribes, the baby’s cord is cut with a crystal, which of course, establishes the connection with the earth and light right after birth.  The crystals are used in their homes, during ceremonies and rituals and is buried with the dead.  A variety of crystals are available each with specific qualities.  Generally, their colour is a guide if you know for what purpose it is intended. 

Each crystal is uniquely different, able to collect and emit electromagnetic energy.   Our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic field or aura, which is influenced by other electromagnetic forces around us.  Crystals harness the highest form of energy within their structure and emit this energy to those who wear crystals or who are around crystals.  Automatically your energy or aura is harmonized.Crystals are living and conscious; able to communicate with people.  In order to program them, take the crystal in your hands, establish your intention and then breathe (your program) directly onto the crystal while holding it in your cupped hands, they should be put up to your mouth or heart.   This gesture is found in several of the myths about the creation of the world. 

Choosing Crystals:     It is simple. Use your intuition.  Look at all the crystals on offer and choose the one or ones that you feel most drawn to.  Do not analyse the reasons you feel more drawn to a particular crystal, simply trust your innate wisdom. You can also hold your hand over all the crystals and choose the one that promotes the strongest tingling feeling in the palm of your hand.  On different days you will be drawn to different crystals, depending on what you are experiencing in your life at the time and what energy you need to work with.  You may like to keep some crystals within your home or workplace to create specific energy in various rooms or spaces.

Crystals in Meditation:      Meditating with crystals can be as simple as holding the crystal you are most drawn to in your hand while keeping focus on your breathing.  It can be  an elaborate exercise – making a circle of crystals around your space or holding particular crystals for their unique shape or properties.  A healing meditation can involve holding the crystal over the area of your body that is in need and then focusing on the crystals energy pouring into your body to heal the tissues underneath.   You can use a crystal for its properties when you feel that you need balancing in a particular are of your life.  In this way crystals help to release energy blocks which may be preventing you from moving forward.  If you feel your home or workplace contains a low vibration, lift it by using higher vibration of crystals.  

The Mother of all Crystals:    
The clear quartz crystal is one of the most sacred stones ever.   It is the highest expression of the mineral kingdom.  It is sometimes more clear and transparent than water.  It catches the light and reflects beautiful rainbows.  It is a symbol of radiant white light energy.    

Choose a clear quartz crystal from our samples……..size or shape does not matter.  Hold the crystal, observe it, feel it, establish a relationship with it as we learn more about it.  The quartz symbol is a mirror our soul.  It represents our struggle for clarity.  The bottom of the crystal is usually dense, opaque.  As it grows through countless struggles, it gets clearer and clearer.  We, too, strive to achieve clarity of purpose and of being after our various struggles.

Its power lies also in its structure, growing, reaching up towards the light, from the depths of the earth.  Its apex is like a pyramid, representing the forces of trinity, doubled.  Trinity being the idea that three forces are necessary for anything new to happen which are active, passive and neutralizing. The more pointed the apex, the more perfect its healing power, which can be used as a laser beam.  For this purpose three sides should touch. 

The quartz crystal acts as a catalyst, a conductor of energy.  It is both a receiver and transmitter.  It is a protective ally that balances and harmonizes the aura giving it equilibrium.  Crystals attune themselves automatically to human vibrations because of their affinity with the human spirit, creating spiritual links when they are worn or held.  Remember to wash your crystal and keep it clean so it can protect you from outside negative vibrations.

The clear quartz crystal itself is a force field of light and energy which can be used as a sonic protection against negativity.  This property exists in all sizes of crystals including the small ones we wear to carry.  The passage of ions through the molecular structure makes them a valuable aid in clearing and neutralizing negative conditions in the aura of people of all ages.  It can be used to cleanse the atmosphere of large areas, such as our homes or places of work.

It can become our own personal healer for the body as well as a tranquilizer and transformer for the spirit.  It helps our intuitive insight, to see the light in the darkness, to be our own light.  When laid on the body the crystal quartz decrystallizes the knots which block the flow of energy.  

Sunday, 12 January 2014


For a moment, imagine our existence without colour….feel the difference in vibration?

Colour is a very effective tool for meditation, visualizations and healing. As energy beings, we can sense the vibration of colour. Even people or animals who have a sight impairment or have difficulty perceiving colour, can sense the vibration of colour.

Some science about colour:
Colour comes directly from light energy and each colour has its own wavelength/vibration. For whatever is exposed to the different wavelengths of colour frequency there is a ‘cause and effect’ reaction.

There is a reason why things appear in particular colours. The colour of anything we observe depends upon a few factors. Firstly, everything is made up of electrons and atoms, which move in various frequencies. How something will look when bathed in light is governed by these frequencies. Any object, when exposed to light reacts with the result of a wide spectrum of colours that we can perceive. 

There are many reasons why things are the colour they are, but mainly it is due to the absorption and scattering properties of the material differing from that of the incoming wavelengths of the light that illuminates it.

The practicality of colour:
Colour is another free tool we have to induce healing and regeneration of our selves.   This tool has been used for centuries, to stimulate healing on all levels – in areas of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Colour varies in vibration from low to high frequencies.  The lower frequencies relating to our physical survival – grounding through to our personal power  (darker and denser colours like black, brown, red, orange, yellow) to our high frequencies relating to our spiritual nature – (light and bright colours such as magenta, blues and purples.)

The colours you are exposed to will and do affect your energy.   You know how you feel on a bright sunny day compared to dark stormy day. Colours of the clothes you wear tell a story about your energy therefore its also easy to read a person’s energy based on the colour of their clothing.  In your home you can choose the colours for different areas; reds stimulate excitement, yellow creativity and green a sense of calm.   Eating particular colours in our food; for example, an orange resonates with the sacral chakra – it will help balance relationships, finances and reproductive organs.  

So colour is not just an object of delight to our sense of sight, but a very interesting step into changing our well-being on all levels. You will automatically be attracted to certain colours through your subconscious, or you can consciously choose colours to correct and balance your vibration so you are healthy and happy.

Resonating with colour:
Naturally, we are already aware of the colours we are drawn to; as you also know which colours you dislike or are repulsed by.

Colour can be used as a healing modality.  It is a truly holistic, non-invasive and powerful form of healing which dates back thousands of years. Evidence of this can be found in ancient texts from India, China and Egypt.
Colour should be a part of our everyday life, not just something we experience in our class room.  Colour is all around us. This wonderful planet does not contain all the beautiful colours of the rainbow without reason. Nature and its colours are not simply here by chance, everything in nature is here for a purpose and colour is no exception.   All we need to do is to heighten our awareness of the energy of colour, and it can transform our lives.
Colours in our homes and workplaces:
Be aware of the desired effects required to suit your well being and desired life style.  The warm colours, red, orange and yellow are warm alive colours with a focus on our physical being.   The blues, greens and violets are cool, calming and create the illusion of space and lightness. 
·      Red is suitable for areas of physical activity, gyms, and play areas.
·      Orange is great for entertainment, studies and communications as orange accentuates an interest in associations and relationships.  It activates the intellect enabling one to focus and concentrate.
·      Yellow is lively but fresh and can be used anywhere in the house.  Great to use in study or library as yellow will stimulate the intellect.
·      Green is a peaceful and serene colour, fantastic for rooms of relaxation, rest or even a kitchen, as it will help with creativity and focus in the preparation of food.
·      Blue creates tranquility. Ideal for bedrooms, and small rooms. Light blue will create spaciousness and light.
·      Violet has the tendency to accept nothing at face value, and so it is beneficial in libraries or study rooms. It helps with concentration and focus.  Also ideal for healing rooms and meditations rooms.
What colours do we like to wear?
Have you noticed what colours you are drawn to buy or wear over and over? These colours reflect our personalities.   Subconsciously we reflect what we are feeling each day by the colours we choose from our wardrobe.    From now on, make a note on how you feel when you wear particular colours.    Below is some insight as to what our clothing colours reflect from our energy.   You may consciously wear what you wish to project or create for yourself.
RED: When we wear red, we project an air of vitality, independence and individuality.    It may also project aggression and dominance.
ORANGE: Wearing orange reflects a happy, cheerful and conscientious image. 
GREEN: Produces an image of stability, balance and efficiency.  It appears calm, controlled and at peace.
BLUE: A tranquil colour that reflects patience and understanding.
CREAM: Projects versatility. An open minded person loves to wear cream.
GREY: Produces the image of judgement and aloofness; it also can project a critical air about us.
GOLD: Is perceived as open, approachable.  It wears well with black.
BLACK: Is a protective colour. It has mystery attached. It isn’t good to always wear black, as it may cut you off from communication and society, as it can be isolating.
WHITE: Is purity and openness.  Great to wear with all colours as it balances them.
Colours in what we eat in food:
By knowing more about colours, you can consciously choose the foods that will activate, relax or stimulate your energies in whatever way you wish.
If you know that you have a physical day ahead, eat the warmer colours relative to the task. If you have exams, or need to focus and concentrate, eat lots of yellow and blues. 
Red foods will stimulate the physical energies.

Orange foods will stimulate the intellect, balance the emotions and activate physical energy. 

Yellow foods induce aliveness mentally and physically. They help us be more focused and relaxed.

Green foods help us relax and unwind.  They balance our mental and emotional stress.  

Blue foods soothe mental and nervous tension. They have a sedating effect by relaxing our mind and emotions.

Violet foods create a sense of peace. They do stimulate thoughts and inspires one to study. 

Our Energy Reality

Fact:  Energy is the driving force for the universe. Energy is a quantitative property of a system which may be kinetic, potential, or other in form. There are many different forms of energy. One form of energy can be transferred to another form.

Let us break this up into something simple...the universe is made up of energy. This includes the earth and everything on it. Everything around us is made up of matter and all matter can be transformed. Matter can be manipulated in the elements, (earth, fire, water, air and space) which is the bases of all philosophy, science and medicine.

We and everything that surrounds us are made up of energy.  We are all made up of atoms but with different molecular structures or vibrations.  Solids have molecules which are packed tightly and have a slow vibration. But gases for example, have molecules that are less dense and have more freedom to move, so appear in a different form to solids.

It is easy to think of the earth as a solid mass of dirt.  In reality it is made up of several layers.  The earth is solid, with water, gas, air and space.   No different to us as we are also made up of the same elements. Each element is responsible for different structures in the body. Earth forms solid structures, such as bones, flesh, skin, tissues, and hair. Water forms saliva, urine, semen, blood, and sweat. Fire forms hunger, thirst, and sleep. Air is responsible for all movement, including expansion, contraction, and suppression. Space forms physical attraction and repulsion, as well as fear.

We are energy beings living in an energy world.

Our lives are always connected to some form of energy. We need to be mindful of this as it affects our energy and our state of being.   Energy affects our physical health, our mental processes, our emotional states and our spiritual awareness.

We tend to live our daily lives in the perception that reality is based on a material world of solid matter.  The truth is, in the basic universal laws of how all things are interconnected, we are in constant motion. All energy has relativity, duality, rhythm and cause and effect just to name a few.   

In every moment we are interconnected to all energies, starting with self,(your own state of being, physically, mentally and emotionally).   Our environment also carries its own energy and the energy of others, all of which influence or penetrate our energy.  

With an open awareness, you can begin to make the right choices on how you receive energy or how you protect yourself from outside energy.  You can also use energy to heal and create abundance.
Be aware that you also emanate your energy which reflects your inner state of being. This is how other people will perceive you.  Where intention flows energy will go. So be aware of your intentions, your ego, and your emotions.  This is how karma is created.

It is your responsibility to make the right positive choices for your own energy preservation.    This results in liberation for yourself from negativity and can have a very healthy abundant life. 

Ask yourself….
Why do you feel drained at times? – It could be environmental, such as people who use/drain your own energy.
Why do you feel powerless or upset in some situations?  -  it could be that you are not respecting your own energy and given it to others.
Do you have issues around people? – It could be what you emanate.
Why do you find finances an issue?  - Money is energy. Therefore what are your thoughts and intentions around money?
Why do you have negative experiences? – What intentions to you put out? 
Do you feel you are not good enough? – If YOU believe it, YOU create it. 
These are only some questions you can ask yourself. If your life is not in balance or check, start looking at the world on an energy level.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Animal Power

Animals as Totems, Guides, Healers and Teachers.

The aim of this class is to foster a deeper appreciation of the animals that you may feel a bond with, or that you may sense, spiritually, with yourself or others.
Spirit works with animals in providing us with messages, and through such symbolism our own relationship with spirit is enhanced as we learn to interpret the messages.
Those who have the ability to see Spirit can tell you what animal totem you have with you.  Point being you will have animal totems as well as Spirit Guides. What the animal is, will give insight to where the person is or has been -past, present and future. They do come and go, like spiritual helpers, (Angels or Guides); however, we are born with a pre-determined set of totem s that effectively works with us.
They represent our strengths and our weaknesses. They represent our power, connection to Spirit and our soul essence. They also symbolize our shadow side, or those facets of ourselves we are unwilling or not yet ready to face. Each totem represents aspects of us in different ways, all significant and sacred to us as individuals. These aspects embody our fundamental character and personality, our principles and ethics, our ability to express our beliefs, our wants, needs and desires; our sense of home and security, creativity, sexuality and potential; our vocation, calling, hobbies and health, relationships, legal issues, death, spirituality, religion, education, wisdom and travel; our purpose and personal power.

What are the animals telling us?
Well, before we can go into that too deeply, we need to break this massive 'family" into small categories to better understand the energies that we're working with. So ... instead of looking at them as just 'animals’ let's look at them as ' mammals’,  'birds’,' aquatics’,’ insects' and 'reptiles'.

Mammals: (ruled by the earth element) All mammals represent our emotional self, so any mammal that we witness either in dreams, in the flesh or symbolically (T shirts, billboards, pictures) are all offering messages associated with our emotional self or the emotions generically.

Birds: (ruled by the air element) All birds are associated with the mind and mental self and “the head”. Birds teach us to see what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by and how, without allowing ourselves to invest in the ‘what ifs’, or to be burdened by the emotions that may be triggered in the process. Birds can also be seen as symbols of the soul. They reflect our connection to the heavenly realms and Spirit. Birds remind us to strive for greater things, higher levels of consciousness and awareness, by offering the ability to raise ourselves above perceived obstacles.

Aquatics: (ruled by the element of water) associated with intuition; the ability to tap into our inner knowing and to find answers to questions buried deep within. They speak of meditation, contemplation and introspection and they allow us to tune into our inner voice and to hear what our higher self has to say. Aquatics aren't necessarily fish, though; some are mammals and some are birds' while others are reptilians. It is important, when dealing with an aquatic that isn't a fish, to consider the other factors that make up its being.  E.g, an otter is an aquatic; mammal- so, it could be asking us to intuitively listen to how we feel or how our actions are affecting someone emotionally. Pelicans are aquatic birds, so they could be asking us to intuitively override what our mind may be asking us to do and to listen our gut or ‘animal instinct’, when it comes to some decision that needs to be made.

Reptiles: (ruled by the element of fire) all require the heat and warmth of the sun for motivational purposes. They look to the heat for energy and they symbolically channel it into passion, desire, drive, adventure, enthusiasm, excitement, ambition and will. They teach us to explore our ability to be still, instead of acting irrationally and making rushed decisions. Reptile energy allows us to sit, dream and vision the future' once we know what we want our future to look' feel' taste and sound and smell like, the reptile energy adds the most appropriate fuel to the fire in the belly and encourages us to move forward in a practical, purposeful, passionate way.

lnsects:  (ruled by the element of spirit) including spiders, ticks, scorpions.... They journey us into our inner worlds, the spiritual realms hidden deep in our psyche. From the art of stillness to the wonder of personal and spiritual transformation, insects speak of all aspects of the inner self and connection we all share with spirit. Once we've considered that these categories might mean to us on a symbolic level, we need to take an even closer, more detailed look at how they come into our life and why; whether they're endangered, dead, alive or representational in form or if they're animals we love or fear.
The wisdom of the animals can be gleaned on any day in a multitude of ways sometimes they will appear physically, while at other times they may appear in abstract ways' The secret lies in knowing where to look and how to integrate their messages into your life.

Consider this…

1.     When out and about you experience an animal in an unusual setting' unusual circumstance… consider that the animal in question has been "sent to you" by your Earth Mother in response to a question or issue plaguing your mind at the time.

2.     What have you thoughts been about… when you spot an animal…or take notice of a particular animal that you would have taken for granted otherwise.

3.     When you find yourself pondering a particular problem and you find yourself stuck as to what to do, simply widen your vision to the animals that may be trying to make themselves known to you in obscure ways. Once you see a pattern, same animal reappearing, considers its meaning.

4.     An allergy to a particular animal may actually be the physical manifestation of a severe subconscious block set up to save us from ever having to deal with the real reason that lay hidden with the animal’s symbolism. An allergy to cats, for example, may represent the inability to acknowledge sexual abuse or the grief associated with never seeing justice done or the perpetrator ever taking responsibility for his or her actions.

Spirit Guides

You do not walk alone in this life.
With you, walks your greatest and most loyal friends.
Learning how to contact and work with these entities will help you along your journey.
Spirit Guides are simply human souls that have evolved to higher levels and assist those living earthly lives. They strive to help us learn and grow as souls. Spirit Guides, typically have lived many Earthly lives to grow to a higher evolvement as souls.

If you are serious in coming to a spiritual growth class, this would indicate that your perception of your life experiences has passed the unconscious connection with self; from personal ego; become aware of self and your connection with others.  You have shifted into a more conscious way of life through body and mind, able to perceive energy and to truly own your spirit and its connection with all that is.  
To make sensing and communicating with your Spirit Guides easier, you do require this level of growth.   If you haven’t achieved this as yet, this does not mean you are abandoned… most definitely not.   It rather allows you to open fully for you to receive through a higher level of consciousness.  

Have I Seen or Felt my Guides?   I would be very surprised if anyone has not had communication with his or her guide. Guides start communicating with us from a very young age as they are watching over us and protecting us. As young children we were all open to seeing, feeling, hearing or sensing our guides. When we get older we unfortunately learn to ignore our 6th sense and use our logical mind to rationalize different unexplained experiences we have. Even though we “tune out,” our guides never stop supporting us, guiding us, and helping us stay on our life’s path.

How Do I know Who is Communicating With Me?       In the astral plane there are many beings from higher to lower energies. It is unfortunate, but not all beings will have your best and highest interest as a priority. So it is vital to always protect yourself with a prayer or the light from the divine before communicating with the spirit realm. You will know if it is your guide because you guide always communicates from love. They will not tell you what to do, but will give you loving guidance. They come from a loving place and all communication will feel love based.
It is best to not communicate with any other spirits other than your guides. In order to make sure this occurs your prayer before communication could include something like…”I would like to communicate with my spirit guides only. I Ask that only my spirits guides from the highest vibration of the white light of the Divine contact me…”

How Do Guides Communicate?    Spirit Guides send us dozens of messages throughout the day but we have a tendency to ignore them or think of them as our own imagination or coincidence.  There are a few ways guides will communicate with you and of course it will be very individual to everyone. Our guides will use the means to get the message to us the clearest. We can choose to pay attention or to dismiss the communication  

Some examples………..

·       * Telepathy – this information received will be a thought, or picture seen in the minds eye.
·       * During dreams and through meditation – guides can show themselves and communicate with you in this altered state of consciousness.

·       * Hearing their voice with your inner ear (which is hearing a voice that sounds like it is coming within). Or with your outer ear (which is like someone is really talking to you but there is no one around you talking).

·       * You may get confirmation from your guides by experiencing an inner knowing about something. Like whatever you are doing/thinking/feeling is being confirmed. It may come across has an shiver of energy.

·       * You might get what people term downloads. This is where a block of information comes through in your mind often when you are least expecting it, and it verifies, confirms, gives an idea for a project like cooking, writing, painting, e.t.c... or a whole understanding about a problem that you have been mulling over.

·      *  The first song you hear when you turn on the radio. Or a song that keeps repeating in your head over and over. You know that song that you "can't get out of your head." You turn on the television and someone is speaking about the same concern that you are having. 

·       *You may see or hear something repeatedly. An example is constantly seeing the number "11". You may see "11" on a clock, a label, a license plate. Seeing "11" many times means that something spiritual is happening or about to happen in your life. 

            * You open to a page in a book and your eyes fall upon a paragraph that has meaning to your current situation. 

·       * Maybe you are fretting about a situation with another person, and you decide you are going to call them and "have it out". But, every time you dial their number they are not home or the line is busy. This could be Spirit telling you that now is not the right time to talk about the situation. Or, perhaps you are not in the right frame of mind to talk to that person. Possibly you don't know whether or not to talk to someone about an issue and the phone rings and it's the person you were thinking about. 

·       *  Signs often come from the animal world or nature.  Animal Medicine…. 
·       * You are about to buy something that you really desire, but don't necessarily need. When you go to pay, your credit card mysteriously won't .  Spirit could be telling you that the item is not beneficial for you, or it could be that the purchase could put a stress on your finances.  

·      * You're in a hurry to get somewhere, you're racing along in your car, and every light you come to is red. You would probably start cursing and driving even faster. But, perhaps Spirit is telling you to slow down. Maybe you are being told to stop and think about your actions. Maybe Spirit is trying to prevent you from having an accident.

      * Don't have expectations and don't read into things. Just ask for guidance and allow it to happen. Not everything you see or hear is a sign. But, if you are open and receptive, the signs will be clear. Through practicing the act of asking for guidance and following it, you will soon understand when you are receiving an answer from Spirit and when you are not. The more often you ask for guidance and follow the guidance given, the stronger the connection will be, and the guidance and symbols will become much clearer.
* Contacting your Protector Guide helps become more attuned to spirits and can increase your psychic ability. Your Guide will be very grateful to be acknowledged by You and will work even more closely through your journey in this life. Always show your gratitude and appreciation for their assistance and be willing to take on board the intuition and guidance. 

The Name of Your Guide

Learning the name of your Spirit Guide is not nearly as important as learning to sense their energy. Spirit Guides don't see names as important in contacting them. 
From my own experience. it's not that important anyway