Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Root Chakra

When you understand the role or the connection that this chakra has, we can start to get control of our lives and how to address the issues we are experiencing.

Root Chakra Basics
The root chakra is also known as the base chakra and is associated with the colour red. It is our life force. This chakra carries this life force energy, which comes from the earth and feeds through our bodies from the time of birth till the time of death. It is located at the base of the spine and is the densest chakra in which the energy of this chakra spins the slowest of all the chakras. It is the chakra that connects us to the earth and represents our physical vitality, grounding and our sense of belonging. It is the chakra that we get our strength from and the energy centre that controls our will to live and the quality of the life we live.

This chakra is related to your most basic needs including your survival, sense of security, home, job, and finances. The well being of this chakra can be directly related to our relationships in early childhood. The better the relationships we had at an early age allows the survival issues in later years to be better dealt with.

How Can I Tell If My Root Chakra is Working Well?
A clear root chakra leads us to feel grounded, safe, protected and stable. We experience high energy and vitality, and are able to make clear decisions about our everyday needs and responsibilities.  We not only survive but we thrive in our lives. We trust in the process of life by not stressing or worrying. We know and trust that we are in the unconditional love and support of the Divine.
Strengths: loyalty to self, assertiveness, courage, and a strong will to live.

How Can I Tell If It Is Blocked?
A blocked root chakra will be sluggish or not spinning at all. If this is the case we will feel insecure, helpless and lost. Our self-esteem will be low and we may engage in self-destructive behaviors’. We will be ungrounded and our day-to-day activities will be hard to coordinate and manage and our ability to focus on a task will be difficult. Any area of your life that is related to survival, such as your home, finances, food, and shelter, can feel threatened or unstable when this chakra is blocked.
Weaknesses: insecurity, self-pity, and lack of abundance or inability to retain wealth, indecisiveness. 

Root Chakra is Connected To Our Sense of Smell
Your sense of smell can trigger your stored emotional memories. Your receptors for your sense of smell are located in the emotional section at the back of the brain. As a young infant, this was the first sense to develop and is linked directly to the root chakra. Think of a time where you smelt a smell and it reminded you of your childhood. Did this immediately bring a smile to your face and a sense of comfort? You might also find that a certain smell will trigger the opposite reaction. Did it trigger fear, stress or anxiety? Be aware of these triggers. You can use this knowledge to link a smell to a safe and comforting time in your life to ground yourself.

Root Chakra Is Connected To Our Adrenal Glands
Each Chakra is connected to a specific gland in the endocrine system. The root chakra is specifically connected to your adrenal glands. A healthy dose of adrenaline allows our bodies to be invigorated with the required amount of energy being released into our system.  Our bodies also use this hormone to activate our basic survival instinct of flight and fight hormone.  This is activated in cases of extreme fear or high stress. It prepares our body for battle.

A healthy balanced adrenal gland will gives us the energy and vitality to move through our day. Be mindful of the situations that may cause heighten states of anxiety, fear or stress. Bring yourself back to center and breathe through the situation. Only when we take control of our bodies through conscious living, can we keep the pathway clear for Divine guidance to flow through our energetic system, to give us the direction and insight that we need to move forward.

The Importance of A Healthy Root Chakra.
We can live a life ungrounded and disconnected. We can ignore the physical body and its signs, but we cannot hide from the feelings and emotions that will envelop us when we are blocked in the root chakra.  We will not be able to look after ourselves or be selfless enough to take care of each other and our mother earth. When our root chakra is firmly connected to the earth and is clear, it will strengthen the charge of the energy that flows up to all the other chakras.  This chakra affects the efficiency of all the other chakras, as it is the source of our life force.

This is the key to a balanced root chakra. When we are grounded we invite the earths energy up into our bodies and the light from our soul down into the earth. The earth like our root chakra has been exposed to these lower denser energies for many thousands of years and like the human race it is time to for us all to heal and move into a higher state of awareness. Only when we clear the chakras from the root to the crown can we allow the love and light flow through our lives and to the earth. When grounded we will feel connected, safe, strong, secure and courageous. It is only then can we physically implement the will, ideas, creative influences and guidance coming in from the higher chakras.

Feet Chakra
I am just going to take a moment to mention this very important minor chakra in the feet, often called the zero chakra. The chakra in your feet is actually one chakra, but is split in two, half in the ball of each foot. This charka is the last energetic point where the energy is before it leaves your body. The root chakra converts the energy to slow it down so it is easier to send out of our bodies to the ground below. The energy flows down each leg and starts spinning at the feet as it slowly releases out of the body. If this chakra is blocked, the excess energy will pool and collect and travel back up the body and try to escape in another area. This can easily cause blocks in the root and sacral chakra.

Using the Senses to balance the Root Chakra Clear

Burn incense that is from a strong tree like cedar wood or sandalwood. Smell wood or cut grass

Eat root vegetables and meat
Connect to mother earth by walking barefoot on the grass or sit with your back against a tree. Dance to your favourite music or do some gardening.      

Listen to the sound of a singing bowl tuned to the note of C or repeat the           
             word LAM as a mantra.

Visualise the colour red filling your aura and stimulating the root Chakra. Wear the colour red.

Take the time to maintain this chakra each day so you feel connected to life and plugged in. Don’t wait till a problem arises before you address it. Make it a daily ritual just like it is for cleaning your teeth.


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