Thursday, 7 March 2013

Where did the Negative Ego come from?

The “Negative Ego” was created by humanity. If you look at how humanity was created, the human body came into existence in the current physical form as a result of humanity disconnecting from source, becoming more aligned with material matter and swaying away from that of Source, being -  Divine Energy.

Now, just think about that for a moment. Think of the story of Adam and Eve. Can you see the insight into that story?   Adam and Eve were caught up in the temptation of the apple, humanity is caught up in the materialistic world we live in.  The Serpent that lured Adam and Eve, is the Negative Ego. In humanity our negative ego is our lower self.  

There are two philosophies, one of the higher and the other, the lower self.  If you listen to the lower self, you live a “low life existence”, meaning that you are concerned with the life and material needs of the physical body. However, when you choose to listen to the higher self, your soul purpose, you are living a “high life existence”.  

Since our thoughts create our reality, which philosophy we choose determines what we see.  In truth, we see not with our eyes, but with our minds.  We will have negative emotions if we think with our negative mind.  We will have positive emotions if we think with our spiritual mind. Our thoughts create our feelings, emotions, behaviour and physical health or lack of.

When a negative ego tries to enter your mind, just deny it access and push it out. Switch your mind like a channel remote to positive and more spiritual thoughts.  This is the concept of denial and affirmation.  This is a process you use hundreds of times a day. 

Take charge of your thoughts, you are the boss of your personality – therefore choose what you think.  Angels, Ascended Masters etc cannot do this for you as you have free will to act.  It is why you are here.  The more you keep your thoughts in the light energy, the dark negative thoughts will die from lack of energy and a new positive habit will be formed in your subconscious mind making it easier to be positive. 

It may be a strange thing to say, but in actual fact the negative ego really doesn’t exist, we create it. The essence of the negative ego is fear, separation and self centeredness.

Your reality has everything to do with how you interpret life.  To illustrate this, let’s look at how to flow with the Universe instead of fighting it.  The highest of the Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters would have us bless and give thanks for everything that happens in our lives including our lessons.  The negative ego cannot bless and give thanks because it does not interpret things as lessons, challenges or gifts.  It curses and gets angry when its attachments and or expectations are not met. The key is to bless everything that comes into your life and welcome adversity and everything that comes into your area of influence, accept it as there is a reason for everything.

As discussed so many times before, our lessons are to balance the four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  We are to:
·       love self and carry self worth,
·       we are to own our personal power at all times,
·       learn to re-program the subconscious mind,
·       defend our own energetic fields,
·       right human relationships,
·       care for your physical vessel.

Visualize the four bodies as tubes of energy that are all filled to the same level.  You can’t be too spiritual and let the physical body down, you can’t be too physical and not be balanced mentally or emotionally.  Each tube must be evenly filled.  The consequences are that the imbalances will create a whole host of problems. 

The chakra system runs on the same principles – that is when they appear or feel over active or  there is a sluggish flow of energy flowing through, affecting our wiring system in turn causing negative manifestations on all levels of our existence. 

We are existing in a time of great change and spiritual growth. We are learning and receiving activations in an accelerated fashion. Our life time is about achieving self realization which brings us back into clearing not only our individual karma but also planetary karma. As we begin to clear karma, our higher self and our soul and as you are aware we are all interconnected somewhere. We are merely a spec of that the greater and bigger picture, but each and every little spec has a service to complete, some in this life time, some in others, but eventually it is all for the one Divine purpose. You can only start now with self and the more people that do, the stronger the vibration becomes and the more humanity will grow. 

How do you know when you are out of balance and in balance?  Physically, we feel it as fatigue or tend to lean to improper diets, emotionally it shows in mood swings or negative emotions, mentally it comes out as negative thinking.  
A balanced person has detachment but is also very responsive to self, other people and life. Balancing the four bodies should not lead you to a point of stillness. Being in balance is more like being able to make the appropriate adjustments easily within our individual body.  

Each part of us has a voice, except the negative ego. Our three minds being the conscious, subconscious and super conscious, our child/parent consciousness, our awareness of our seven major chakras our soul personality and lessons have a vast communication system within us which we must stay attuned to and honour. When we don’t, imbalance occurs and like dominoes falling, can lead to a whole host of other problems.

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  1. Wow, these are amazing teachings and ideas. I'm so glad I just stumbled upon this :)


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