Saturday, 6 October 2012

Does the plant kingdom communicate?

Most of us say, I love flowers, I love trees and I love to garden and so on, but how connected are we to these wonderful living things?  As we saw in flower psychometry, the plant we are drawn to is a reflection of our own energy.    

When was the last time you actually looked at plant and wondered how is it feeling?  How did it feel the last time you saw a plant that was deeply dehydrated? When you see a tree – do you think is it happy or sad? Is it strong or weak? Or do you just not notice.

Let us go back to the beginning…”life force” exists in all living things.  “Life force” is the living energy within our being.  It is what keeps us alive, it can either be weak or strong.  The plant kingdom, like us is simply a vibration, and the same “life force” can be weak or strong.  The foliage carries veins that nourish and the trunks carry the fiber or cell network of the plant.  The root system is the grounding and its method of feeding. 
The experience of “being” for a plant is different from our experience in that plants are stationery, they exist in a state of profound acceptance and peace within themselves.  Emotions such as fear, hate jealousy, possessiveness are unknown to plants and would serve no purpose. Plants do sense love, pain, joy, thirst etc. It is the feelings we share with plants that provide the basis of our ability to communicate with them. As we know we are attracted to certain energies of plants for different reasons,  just as it is true with people. 

In order to communicate with plants, (or people), we have to be able to regard them as equals.  If you are afraid to talk with or embarrassed to talk to groups of people, you may feel it difficult to talk to plants.  However, it is easier to communicate with plants than it is with people.

Look at trees that are spiky, they have a masculine energy,  you may see a banana tree to be joyous and loving. Perhaps weeping trees may have a doleful air about them. Tall, erect trees can be seen to be proud with regal personalities.   Looking at these characteristics you get to know more about the tree and its personality. Look at growing patterns, how does the new foliage feel compared to the older parts of the tree? See how the young growing tips are more alert, vigorous, and naively impetuous the than the older and mellower lower leaves.  The insects it attracts, the diseases it attracts are all relevant to how that tree feels. Be aware of plants watching you as you walk in the garden and share their space.

Some people pick up on the feelings of plants by seeing faces on the bark or foliage.  They impose that thought form, whether it is laughter or just a facial expression that they see into being the feeling of the tree.  Remember this is what humans are conditioned to perceive as feelings…. Facial expressions are formed in their mind that relate to the feeling.  However, when you see with your feelings rather than your mind, your visual attention isn’t focused on any one thing, but rather everything within your field of vision which strikes your attention with equal impact (vividness) as it does in dreams.  To see this way you have to have your mind quiet and you have to be in a joyous and abandoned mood. If you’re bummed out or grumpy, you won’t be able to see what plants are feeling anymore than your awareness to a person smiling at you. 

Much of our social learning entails learning to stifle our senses – to not see what is right before our eyes. To not listen to what our ears are hearing, to be offended by smells, discomforted by touch.  Cutting off our senses leaves us feeling disconnected from our world.  Therefore, if we want to renew our feeling of connectedness which we had as infants, we have to start plugging our senses into our feelings again.  Plants are so non-threatening, therefore a good place to start.

By lightly holding a leaf for a moment between your thumb and forefinger, you can feel which leaves want to be picked for medicine or food purposes and which ones want to be left alone.  The leaves that want to be picked have a high, vibrant feel to them, whereas leaves that don’t want to be picked feel dead in your hand.

Even if you can’t seem to tune in to the feelings of plants, you can still telepathically “talk” with them.
Plants can talk to you in thoughts, and these (at first) seem indistinguishable from your own thoughts.  That is, it will seem to you that you are the one who is thinking these thoughts, when in fact it is the plants that’s that are sending you messages.  That’s why it is important to have your own mind as quiet as possible – if you expect plants to talk to you; if your own mind is buzzing, there is no way the plants can get a word in edgewise.  Any thoughts or feelings you have while sitting under a tree or working with plants are probably messages from the plants.

So how do you know if you are actually communicating with a plant and not just imagining it?  The answer is:  you don’t. You just go with your intuition rather than going with your concepts what you have been taught. 

Instead of believing that the world of concepts is reality, you believe that the world of feelings – of magic-is reality. The only difference between these two equally valid points of view is that from one of them plants talk to you, and from the other they don’t.

If you feel self-conscious talking to plants, just remember that what you have been programmed to call the “real” world is merely a fragment of your imagination also.  If you start calling something else the real world, then that something else becomes the real world; it becomes as real as this one. 

It’s easy to learn to talk with house and garden plants, since these are particularly eager to discuss matters such as fertilization, watering, shade, grafting and transplanting techniques.  In addition, plants (particularly large trees) can give you helpful advice on all sorts of matters.  Take them your problems; ask them what they think you should do. 

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are already communicating with plants all the time.  The soothing, healing, tranquilizing feeling that comes when you are gardening or are out in nature is in fact your psychic attunement to the joyous vibrations of the plants around you.  To follow this feeling one step further – put yourself into direct communication with the plants.  


  1. I love plants, especially flowers. But i must confess that I am the person who has a uncanny knack of killing all houseplants that i have. I have recently bought myself a couple of plants with the purest intention of keeping them alive and well. Some information in the class reminded me of the book i read a few years ago called the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfeild. It was a fantastic read, i highly recommend it. I have a spare copy that i can give to Mary for anyone who wants to read it. So with this book in mind and the information gathered during this wonderful class i plan to talk to to my house plants and try to keep them alive. Wish me luck...

  2. Thanks Sam, I too have a copy of the Celestine Prophecy. I read it some time ago and yes, a real eye opener. It is amazing how these simply everyday things most people take for granted. When I go walking, I love looking at the plants, they fascinate me on so many levels. I have always love the snap dragon.... wow.. it is so me at times.
    Thanks for your imput.


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