Monday, 15 October 2012

The How’s and Why’s of Protection

For those who choose to become interested in their spiritual and personal development  or are somewhat forced to become interested because of life circumstances are often told “protect  yourself”.  So often, the comeback is firstly what am I protecting myself from and secondly how do I do that?
I feel it is necessary to understand “energy”.  How it interacts with us, what is our make up, what is life really all about and honestly, how authentically truthful are you willing to be.  I sound like a broken record, but this is what it is!
Let us keep this simple…
When we are “open”  which means our “crown chakra is open” we allow all sorts of “energy” attachments in. The degree of openness varies, so some of us are more vulnerable than others.  This is why some people are affected more than others.  Individually, you need to look at your own life,  look at what it is about, what you do, where you go, who you choose to mix with, what drugs you take, where are you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.     
Being responsible for self, means that you honor who you are, stand in your truth (which also means the real truth – not necessarily what you perceive from ego), and from that you learn to ground and protect your “energy being”.  
As  “energy beings”,  we are a made up of light, we come from the light, we return to light, we simply vibrate at a chosen frequency. That frequency is influenced by outside indicators.  So what we choose to do, or where we choose to go, who we choose to be connected to are all reasons to protect your energy.  We sometimes don’t have control over these outside influences, whether they are family, friends, colleagues, clients, places etc…   It can be the people you love the most that you need to protect yourself from.   The operative word is “sometimes”.  There are people in our lives who are there for us to learn from, so we have chosen them to learn our lessons before we incarnated.  
Don’t kid yourself, every day you meet different types of energies – people and environmental.  They can be high vibrational or low vibrational.  You need to protect yourself from low vibrational influences. When allowed or empowered these energies will lower your personal vibration. Depending on the type of ‘interfering energy’, you can feel drained in vitality or go to the other extreme of being in serious danger. In other words, from someone sending you a negative vibe, to a poltergeist lingering around you trying to get in to control you.   
How to protect yourself best is something that you will learn by yourself.  As you become more aware of your energy, and how it all works, the more equipped you will be to protect yourself. Look at what happens in your life, be honest with yourself and realize the authentic self, ask yourself, why do you attract the same feelings over and over, yes, that’s right, the same lesson. There is no coincidence, it is whether you see the patterns or tapestry of the lessons. No one can do this for you… as you have to be accepting of the truth.  
Let us look at a situation hypothetically –  here is a common one.
If I was an illegal drug user, what am I creating for myself?  Firstly, I have an addiction or a dependency on using a substance. The solar plexus is the energy centre that this relates to so, I need to look at my personal power.  By taking the drugs, what I actually am doing is letting go of any inhibitions, lowering my own guard, allowing myself to leave the physical reality, instantly opening the crown chakra to any outside energy, unconsciously inviting negative energy.   Taking illegal drugs is a negative act, therefore my subconscious knows that and ‘like energy attracts like energy.” Depending on what has been allowed in, after stopping the drugs, I would need to rid of any negative outside energies, but also deal with the lack of personal power. I can’t just say thank you for ridding the negative energy, I also need to look at my authentic self and accept life lessons.  “Responsibility” as previously discussed is to accept that lesson.  When you are forgiving and have the unconditional love for others and yourself, you bring yourself into alignment with your soul journey.  That is why you are here!    
There are many tools and ways to protect yourself. There needs to also be an understanding of what is true and relevant to your life.
If people tend to energetically tap into your  energy, which is very common…. Feels like they want a piece of you.  Cut the cords, protect and reinforce your energy field with high vibrational colours.  Then look at why they can do this to you. What unresolved issues are present in your life?
If you feel people are malicious in their intent towards you, sending you negative arrows, another form of pointing the bone, which is a deliberate attempt to hurt and to deliberately cause you pain, then you may need more reinforcement, have bands of colours, have crystals to protect your aura, use the violet flame of St Germains, Archangel Michael and your Spirit Guides to protect you and send that negative energy back to its source.  Karmic law says they will cop it back at least 10 fold.  Again, look deeper at the “why”?
The more you get into protecting yourself, the more you explore and learn, you will be giving unique tools and symbols that are sacred to you for your own protection.  Don’t share these symbols and tools with anyone.   
I trust from this class you gain some deeper insight into what protection is about and the various methods of protection to be used appropriately.  Of course, there are many different scenarios that both Lisa and I are happy to speak about one on one or always feel free to ask question on the blog page or via email.    
In general, we are energy beings, and energy interacts with “all that is” .  You are responsible to protect your own energy from any negativity or evil.  Look at why it is attracted to you in the first place, as there is a reason. Someone else doing the protection for you is only temporary and will not hold if you are not willing to own it. 
Blessings to all!
“On life’s journey faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and night mindfulness is the protection by night.  If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him”.   
(Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism 563-483 B.C.)


  1. With your dedication to continually teach us about energy in every class, it is beginning to cement in my brain the importance of understanding energy, and the cause and effect of energy with every interaction we have on this planet.

    I watched a interesting video the other day on water. It showed how water had different structures depending on its experiences. Under a microscope it showed the beautiful crystalline patterns the water had when it was spoken to in loving words. It also showed the disjointed, manic structure of the water that was spoken to with mean, harsh words. It really showed me how much the energy behind words can affect everything it touches. When looking at it this way, it absolutely makes it clear how very careful we need to be when we are around the people we love especially our children.

    A similar experiment was carried out in Japan with a cup of rice in water. The experiment lasted a month and everyday the rice was spoken too. There were 3 samples, one that was spoken too nicely, one that was spoken to harshly and one that was ignored. Basically the same thing happened as with the water. Sweet smelling fermented aroma came from the rice with the positive words, the rice with the bad words had started to be covered in mould, but surprisingly the rice that was ignored had the most damage. Very interesting.

    It may seem that i have strayed off the topic of protection but i think what Mary is telling us is, even if we cannot see energy or are aware of the effects of energy, its all around us and it can change who we are, how we feel and how we react. Protect...Protect...Protect....!!!

  2. Thank you Sam,
    You are absolutely right! I am glad you see beyond what has been discussed in that particular class. This means you are seeking true answers for yourself and show a great and true appreciation for all that is. Great Work.


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