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Sacral Chakra

This Chakra is located below the naval, in the region of the kidneys and the reproductive organs.  The colour orange, and a six-petal lotus flower represent this chakra. This is our feminine and masculine energy centre, our yin/yang. The note this chakra resonates to is D and the sound is VAM.

What does it Represent?
This chakra primarily represents –
·      Our emotions and our experience with intimate relationships with others and our selves.
·      It is about knowing that who you are and what you do is enough.
·      It is also about creating healthy boundaries to protect yourself and your life force.
·      It represents our sexuality, our creativity and our ambition. 
·      This is where our passion and joy arise and where self-love comes from.
·      It is the energy centre that we can express ourselves and where we can ‘let go’.
·      It is where we experience pleasure from all our experiences in the physical world.

A Balanced Sacral Chakra
When balanced, the sacral chakra allows you to trust the flow of life. Giving and receiving comes to you with ease. You attend life with enthusiasm happiness and joy. Your life is passionate, emotionally sound and sexually fulfilled. We can also know it is balanced when we are in touch with our feelings and when we can identify the feelings of others.

A Blocked Sacral Chakra
When there is a block or a weakness in this chakra you may experience:
·      Problems in your intimate relationships, such as seeing them as being a threat, painful or a struggle.
·      You struggle with giving and receiving
·      You may also have problems with connecting too and sharing your body sexually with someone else.
·      Expressing yourself creatively might also be an issue for you. 
·      Blockages in this area may lead to self destructive and abusive behaviors for your body.
·      You may become withdrawn, obsessive, over dependant or over sensitive. You may also be disengaged from your feelings and emotions.
·      Or quite simply have a block in your creative flow of ideas.
A chakra that is over excessive will exhibit the extreme opposite of the points above.

Physical Manifestations of a Blocked Sacral Chakra
When the energy is blocked for a while in this chakra, it can lead to the following physical aliments: Bladder problems, PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts, irritable bowel syndrome, testicular disease and prostrate issues, infertility struggles, sciatica pain, chronic fatigue, and lower back pain.

Water and the Sacral Chakra
The sacral chakra is associated with the element of water. When we think of water, we see it moving with the flow, around obstacles, to and fro on the shoreline. It is free flowing and flexible and it adapts to its environment. Our emotions and feelings are the water moving and changing with the landscape in which we see ourselves. We often cannot control the environment but we can choose to flow and ride the waves or we can choose to swim against the tide. So a healthy sacral chakra will allow us to go with the flow and accept the changes in our life.

Taste and the Sacral Chakra
Taste is the sense that is linked to this chakra.  We can understand the link to this chakra when we see the correlation to the words we use to describe the experiences, and the feelings and emotions they evoke. For example, “That lady was very bitter”,  “his nature is so sweet”, or “that relationship went sour”. Can you see how we use taste to describe how we feel? Taste is also designed to help us experience pleasure. We smell, feel, see and delight in the taste of a good meal. Our senses are stimulated and the pleasure we feel is ignited. Pleasure is key to the health of the sacral chakra.

The Gonad Glands
The Sacral Chakra is connected to the Gonad gland. These glands represent creation and creativity, also accepting and embracing the flow and changes in your life. They are the main source for excretion of the sex hormone, Oestrogen in females and Testosterone in males. The potential for the development of a new life (creation) is reflected in the drive of the sacral chakra.

Clearing the sacral chakra
Orange – Is the colour that vibrates in harmony with this chakra, so wear orange, eat orange foods, cut up an orange and smell it feel it and taste it. Burn sweet orange oil.

Water – Water is the key element that is tied to the sacral chakra. Use water to balance it by, swimming, visiting a lake, stream, river, oceans and watch the water, see how it moves and flows. Fill a bottle with water, close your eyes whilst holding it, and repeat affirmations that will assist you. For example – I am Whole, I am a creative being, I am creating beautiful experiences into my life, I am enough, I am open to the truth, I am comfortable in receiving love. You can now drink the transformed positive affirmation water to revitalize your body.

Dancing/movement – Moving the area of your body around this chakra. Belly dancing is known to be good for this, but if you are not into belly dancing than try hoola hooping with or without a hoop. It’s a great exercise when you are standing in the kitchen washing up the dishes.

Let Go – Practice letting go of the emotions and feelings that are not serving you. Emotions are very powerful. Recognise them, acknowledge them, and then let go of the ones that bring you pain, heartache, unhappiness and self-pity.

Citrine, Carnelian, Golden Topaz, Moonstone, orange calcite and sunstone.
To use these crystals you can either place them on your sacral chakra or sit with them whilst they heal. You may also want to make a gem elixir to drink and whilst adding the element of water I feel that a bath with these crystals will also be beneficial. You may want to place these crystals in your home or work place wherever it is where you do your creative work.

Mantra Affirmation

“I flow, I relate, I co-create”.
Recite this six times to yourself whilst focusing your attention on the sacral chakra.


  1. SoulChakra You can see problems and the thoughts of other people too easy, also the emotions which we don’t want.

    1. When you have insight into chakras, you do become aware of the various levels of who we really are. Sometimes it helps us understand where others are at.

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