Saturday, 22 December 2012

The true essence of all beings is ”Light”.

Our meditation classes are about self realisation. Here we provide the tools, support and a structure of how to unveil our true and inner essence. 

If you are sitting in this space and are taking in what is shared here, you have made a choice to find your true essence, to remove blocks, fears and old wounds that have held you back from fulfilling your soul purpose. If you feel dysfunctional in either the physical, mental or emotional aspects of your life, there are guaranteed blocks that hinder your personal growth and any form of healing.

Over the past weeks we have explored the basics – the 7 main energy centres, each one relating to different aspects of our being.  If you were truly honest with yourself, you would have noted areas that you see as blocked or dysfunctional.

Self realization is to align with soul purpose – to stand in ones true essence – ultimately the essence of the Light. 

You soul has its own team of  soul coaches – Spiritual Guides and Angels – whom are very aware of the soul contract you created prior to incarnation. Kindred Souls play a big part of your Divine plan and have been chosen by you, at the time of that contract and are strategically placed in your life for that reason. 

If you have chosen to “Stand in the Light” – to truly find your life purpose, to align vertically with your soul purpose, you are asking to know the truth, know who you are as a soul and discover the details of the plan that you made for your life prior to incarnation.  

This means that it is time to work on the healing process, to clear obstacles that would prevent you from fulfilling your soul purpose.  To clear the obstacles, you need to recognise them through meditating and seeking the guidance.

Trust your intuition, we all have it, the sixth sense comes with all your other senses, no different to hearing, smelling, tasting and seeing.  It is likely, as an evolved soul you may have a series of past lives and each would have been brought back within your cellular blueprint that may need to be resolved.  Also, there is the unconscious childhood or ancestral patterns which may be causing the blocks. 

If you are struggling to see the obstacles, there is help, whether within our own group or where you feel most comfortable.  A “channelled reading” may be required for you to hear clear messages directly from your Guides.  “Multi dimensional healing” is another way, it allows you to understand the issues, see the connection and therefore remove the blocks.  “Reconnection”  is also about re aligning you with your soul path.

When you know the truths, take responsibility for actions, choices and create new habits. Accept the lessons in this life time. Surrender to the truth, let go of the resistance, and when you do, your own frequency, your personal vibration rises and you will find clarity and completeness in who you are.  Know yourself as whole, resourceful, creative and successful. 
Align your inner spiritual life with your outer life, so you become of service to others. You will achieve personal and professional goals quickly when you connect with the wisdom of your Soul.

You will be in the “True essence of the Light”

In this remarkable passage from The Gospel of Thomas, Jesus informs us that our true dignity is in our essence: Light.
Jesus said: “If anyone asks, ‘Where do you come from?’ tell them, “We come from the light, from the place where light comes into being of its own accord.”
If they ask, “Are you that light?” tell them, “We are its children.”
The true essence of all beings is Light: total aware consciousness, unlimited creative energy, full engagement in the unfolding of the maturity and beauty of each one of us.

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