Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Root Chakra

To cope with life in the present moment, we need to recognize our selves as energy beings, and what effects our energy centres (what we refer to as our chakras). Use your inner essence, your inner guidance to discover where you have blocks, or dysfunction, empower your truth about self and create a healthy happy life for yourself.  

The Root Chakra is symbolically shown as a 4 petal lotus flower encompassing a downward pointing triangle, set within a square.  It resonates to the colour red and is located at the base of the spine, between the anus and genitals. It has the lowest vibration and spins clockwise in males and anti clockwise in females.

Connected to the earth element, this chakra is represented by the square and the inverted triangle that denotes downward movement of energy.  It symbolizes being grounded to the earth.

Root Chakra contains the primary 8 cells that have all the knowledge of creation and remain the only cells in your body that don’t change in your lifetime.  It is the profound connection to nature.

The overall concept of this chakra represents your physical vitality and grounding. It pertains to your sense of security in terms of abundance, materiality and possession. A healthy base chakra is important for a strong foundation to support your decisions and desires in life. 

Problems with this chakra arise when there is a fear for physical safety or fear of not being able to provide for yourself or your family, feeling like your life is under threat in any way or feeling like you don’t belong or are unsupported in your world. Blockage causes inability to trust nature or too much focus on material possessions. 
Its challenge is to feel secure and safe in your physical environment:  your family, your physical situation and the whole of society.  I often refer to it as the “tribal” chakra –  depicts human survival.        

To master this chakra is to grasp the importance of balance within our physical body as you travel upwards through the higher levels of consciousness. An excessive chakra means that it spins too fast and is too open – opening one up to be bullied or self centered. A deficient or blocked chakra means it appears to be sluggish or not spinning   opening up to be needy, low self esteem, self destructive behavior and fearful. When balanced, it spins at the correct speed – allows grounding, high physical energy and abundance.

Strengths:  Loyalty to self, assertiveness, courage, strong will to live.
Weaknesses:  Insecurity, self-pity, lack of abundance or inability to retain wealth, indecisiveness.
Foods: That support this chakra are proteins and meats.
Associated Animal: Elephant.
Incense/oils:  Cedarwood, Patchouli, Myrrh, Musk and Lavender.
Associated Sense: Smell
Crystals:   Place over root chakra to balance physical energy, self expression, ambition, consistency and security.  Agate – to build up low self esteem.
Bloodstone – to boost the renewal process and help clear physical blockages.  
Tiger’s eye – to encourage the optimism and discipline needed to move forward and become secure and independent .
Smokey Quartz – to help face future challenges with enthusiasm. 
Goals:  Physical health and fitness, grounding, stability and security.


Whether we are conscious of it or not, our emotional security comes from a sense of belonging to a group.  This fundamental aspect of our psychological well being relates to the Root Chakra. 

Archetypes that affect the root chakra are “Earth Mother” and “Victim”.  Archetypes are what describe our personal characteristics reflecting who we are and life lessons. 

The “Victim” allows themselves to feel vulnerable, needy and hence ungrounded, because they regard every disappointment, separation, or loss as something that they cannot control or change. Only be recognizing this dysfunctional archetype allows you to find the power to provide everything you need for yourself can you reframe your experiences into opportunities for self sufficiency, strength and emotional wholeness.   Changing this negative archetype involves taking personal responsibility for ones life, acknowledging that you have choices and deserve the best that life has to offer. 

“Earth Mother” is associated with nourishment, caring and unconditional love. By recognizing Earth Mother within you, acknowledge that you are capable of providing all the physical and emotional security you need for yourself by yourself.  Attend to one’s inner child by mothering oneself and keeping safe and comforted, nurtures this positive functional archetype.

Summary:   Do you feel insecure?   Basic survival, security, shelter and safety are dealt with here.  If this chakra is out of balance, you may feel as though your very survival is threatened.  If you feel ungrounded, rootless or not “at home in your own skin”, this chakra may need some work. Fear is often stored here, as is separation from mother.  If you live too much in the physical world, work here.

Life lesson is to stand up for oneself.
Affirmation:   “I am safe and secure and good things are coming my way now”.

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