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The Seven Main Chakras – An Overview

There are thousands of books about chakras, their history, purpose and functions.  For now, let us begin with an overview of what they are and how we can gain a better understanding of their function and the role they play within our energetic being.

The chakras are major energy centres within us that support all the functions of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  We know in the physical, our blood circulates our body, delivering life giving oxygen and nutrients to every tissue and cell.  In doing so it removes toxins and unwanted materials from our bodies.  When we have a disruption to this process we become ill.  This is all visible through our eyes and by the medical profession.
To seek beyond the physical evidence of our dis ease, (discomfort of any kind within our mentally, emotional and physically being), remembering, we are not just the physical, even though in this third dimensional reality that is what most focus on.   Our physical bodies are actually made up of “energy” and we are surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field which is our aura.  There are also seven layers of the aura that relate to the chakras which we will look into further down the track. 
The word “Chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheels of light”.
There are seven main chakras – each with special significance and function which corresponds to not just the physical, but emotions and stages of life. 
1.      Root/Base Chakra located at the base of spine.
2.     Sacral Chakra located just below your naval.
3.     Solar Plexus located just above your naval.
4.     Heart Chakra located centre of your heart.
5.     Throat Chakra located over your throat.
6.     Third Eye Chakra located on your forehead above the bridge of your nose.
7.     Crown Chakra is located on the top of your head.
There are chakras on the soles of your feet in an every joint in your body and placed all around you and your energy field.   All connected through an energy network that forms a vast circulatory system for the Universal Energy to pass.
To an intuitive or clairvoyant, the chakras appear like spheres, circles or cones of spinning coloured light.  You may imagine them as gerberas, roses or the classic lotus flower.  You don’t have to see them to work with them, simply consider them and acknowledge their energy as they don’t lie. 
In a healthy state, the chakras will spin evenly and at the correct speed and frequency relating to each particular colour from the light spectrum and to the vibration of sound.   You will learn more about this as we progress through each chakra one by one. 
Altogether, the seven main chakras make up the colours of the rainbow.   A weak, tired or stressed chakra can feel or appear sluggish or have a very unbalanced elliptical spin.   Through a trained  “minds eye”, you may see a dull or dark chakra, rather than the lovely bright colours it should ideally be.
In simple language, the chakra system draws in energy or life force from the universe and distributes it throughout your body and energy field.  The chakras also give out energy and are significant in composing the “vibe” that each of us feel from other people and emanate from ourselves.

The condition and activity of each person’s chakra system creates a flow of energy around them that is unique, however it is influenced and will fluctuate a great deal depending on choices of mood, food, and willingness to see truth and claim responsibility.   It is forever, moving and changing but when the same negative patterns are repeated it becomes increasingly difficult to reset and with unbalanced and unhealthy chakras it can lead to serious illnesses. 
Development of the skills and concepts related to each chakra occur progressively in life, each completed stage supporting the healthy awakening of the next chakra.  Although we function through all of our chakras most of the time, there are specific developmental stages in which the various chakra skills are learned and incorporated into the personality. 
The chakras evolve sequentially, from bottom to top along with our chronological age.  It is sometimes necessary for the next chakra phase to begin in order for the one below it to complete.
Developmental stages of the chakras and overview of life lessons and the religious sacramental significance.

Womb – 12 months                Base/Root Chakra               Gaia, Creation/Survival            Baptism
6mths – 2 years                           Sacral Chakra                           Foundation                                 Communion
18mths  -  4 years                          Solar Plexus                   Majesty and Endurance               Confirmation
4 – 7 years                                        Heart                                         Beauty                                   Marriage
7 – 12 years                                     Throat                              Judgement& Mercy                     Confession
Adolescent                                        Third Eye                    Understanding and Wisdom         Ordination                                
Adulthood                                          Crown                            Oneness of all creation             The Last Rite

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.  They have their exits and their entrances.  And one man in his time plays many parts; his acts being seven ages. 
-        William Shakespeare

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