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Throat Chakra

This Chakra is located centrally at the base of the neck and is represented by the colour sky blue and the seed sound is HAM (pronounced hum). This is our communication and expression centre that governs listening, hearing, and speaking. The throat chakra allows us to synthesis the communication from source and the world so that we may live a life of speaking our inner truth and sharing it with the people around us. It is about expressing our desires, needs, wants, ideas and love. This chakra is the connection between our heart and our mind.

Our creative ideas manifest through this chakra when we speak the idea using its energy. This chakra is about being flexible working with others and being accepting of who they are. But it is also about taking responsibility for your needs and having the power to change things in your life. Do you see yourself as a person who has self-control and self-discipline? This is important in achieving our hopes, dreams and desires. This chakra is also about how we use our will power. Do we use it to move ahead in our life but not use it “over” others? 

Speaking our Truth
What is this? How do we know if we are speaking our truth? Our truth is the part of us that knows who we really are. It knows our true desires, our true needs and our true intentions. To speak our truth we are voicing our desires, needs and wants from this sacred place and in turn we are honouring who we really are. When we do not create a silent space to listen to our truth, we then rely on the mind to be our voice and this can interfere greatly with what it is that we truly want. For example, we do something we do not want for a fear of rejection, or offending someone. When in fact this something we agree to do can greatly go against what resonates with us. Of Course your truth varies from person to person as we have all walked different paths and had different experiences.

A Balanced Throat Chakra
When balanced, communication and self-expression come easily as is the ability to meditate easily. Tactfulness and calmness in your communication is observed, as is your loyalty, trustworthiness and honesty. You will find that you can easily convey your creativity and intention and display the strong attribute of self-expression.

A Unbalanced Throat Chakra
When it is weak or blocked, this may see you holding back from expressing yourself. You may exhibit tendencies to be shy, lie, gossip and be judgmental of others. Unfaithfulness, lack of faith and trustworthiness may also be signs that this chakra needs to be balanced.
An Excessive Throat Chakra may see one as over talkative, self-righteous and arrogant.

Physical Manifestations of a Blocked Throat Chakra
The Throat chakra governs the throat, thyroid, trachea, neck, vertebrae, mouth, teeth and gums. When the energy is blocked for a while in this chakra, it can lead to the following physical ailments: Thyroid issues, neck pain, tension headaches, grinding teeth, jaw pain, dental issues, ear infections, deafness, laryngitis, and mouth addictions: e.g. smoking, over eating, alcohol abuse.

Ether is the element of the Throat Chakra.
The Throat chakra is associated with the element of Ether. It is the last chakra associated with an element. Ether can be described as space. The throat chakra holds the space for our expression so that it can flow freely. At times we can feel choked up, feel like we’re suffocating, or we may just needing space. These are signs that the ether energy needs to be cleared to create more space to ‘just be’. Our breath is the life force for our physical bodies. We can use this breath by breathing in deeply and slowly to help clear the space that is needed to move forward. For example, public speaking or performing can be very daunting to many people, but to gain the courage and the power to move into this space, often you will see these people take a deep long breath before they perform. This is clearing the energy to let the expression flow.

Hearing and the Throat Chakra
Hearing is the sense that is linked to this chakra.  Are you listening to your higher self? It is understandable that many people cannot hear their higher self as many people today have such busy lives and do not sit in silence to hear what needs to be listened too. It is so important to find the time to sit in stillness to hear messages, listen to the truth, so that your life can be communicated to the world in an honest way.  Also listen to your body…what is it telling you?

The Thyroid Glands
The Throat Chakra is connected to the Thyroid gland. It is used to help regulate the metabolism. The throat chakra is seen as the chakra that metabolizes the information from the other chakras in our body. Thyroid problems are often directly attributed to issues in the throat chakra. Some questions you may ask yourself are… Am I speaking up for myself? Am I speaking my truth? Am I listening to what I need to hear? Am I fully expressing my needs and wants?

Clearing the Throat chakra
Meditate – create the space that is needed for the energy to flow through this chakra. It will allow you to hear your inner voice and your guidance from the higher realms.

Sky Blue – Is the colour that vibrates in harmony with this chakra, so wear blue.
Notice if you start wearing blue without thinking…Listen to what your subconscious is telling you.

Visualise - Bring in a healing blue radiant light directly into the throat chakra and visualize it healing and clearing this energy centre.

Sing/Chant/Laugh/Yawn – Using your voice to clear this area is very beneficial. Sing out loud in the car or at home, anywhere you feel comfortable. Not only will it help your throat chakra but it will lift your vibration and put you in a wonderful mood.

Speak Your Truth – Even if your voice shakes and you are fearful of consequences. How can you go wrong if you speak from the heart? This allows your feelings and emotions to be expressed rather than bottled up and held onto as anger and resentment.

Journal- This is a wonderful way to express and let go of the events of the day as well as an opportunity to explore and digest your feelings and emotions.

Crystals – Lapis lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Aqua Aura, Blue Calcite, Celeste, Kynaite, Turquoise and Labradorite.

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