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The Sacral Chakra

Six orange petals with a crescent moon. 

Location:  Lower abdomen, between navel and genitals.                  

The key lesson:  Learn to relate to others and self.

Element: Water – a person’s relationship with the element of water is a reflection of their relationship with the parts of their consciousness associated with this chakra. There is a connection between the planet and your body; both are made up of a significant amount of water.

Take a moment to reflect on these questions and be honest with yourself.  
How much are you prepared to embrace change?
What sacrifices do you make to suit others?
Do you respect your male and female sides?
Is it better to give than receive?
Do you believe that for your desires to be met, you first have to make a sacrifice?

The Sacral Chakra houses your creative and sexual energies – your ability to nurture and give birth to the seeds of life. It is considered to be the “relationship chakra” because it represents our ability to relate to ourselves and other people. It relates to sexuality, creativity, emotions, anger, fear and instinct, perceptions concerning food or sex, feelings, women's power, female identity.

The challenge of the sacral chakra is to interact consciously with others and allow the creative flow of life to guide and shape continual change in our lives.  

Physically, the sacral chakra affects the sexual organs being the ovaries and testes. It also affects the bladder, circulatory system, prostate and womb. This chakra influences fertility, reproduction, and sexual energy in general.
Emotionally, the sacral chakra affects our stability and willingness to feel emotion.  
Psychologically, its goal is to allow pleasure and creative expression and enthusiasm.
Spiritually, your ‘being’ flourishes with sensitivity and intuition. Allowing one to go with the flow of life with a strong sense of self.   

Sacral Chakra Stones: Emotional stability, creative expression and experiencing pleasure in life, all relate to this chakra, which are enhanced by these Crystals.
Citrine – encourages the openness needed to tackle emotional stagnancy in relationships. It also helps to support and develop emotional maturity.
Carnelian – helps stimulate initiative and dispel passivity. It is particularly useful for promoting the physical energy needed to take action in emotionally challenging circumstances. Carnelian is also said to help dissipate sorrow from the emotional self.
Golden Topaz – Actively stimulates the first three chakras. It helps promote inner peace and lightness of spirit, in turn helping you take a new perspective on problems.  It is also thought of as a “battery” that helps energize those physically, mentally or emotionally under the weather.
Moonstone – It helps enhance your feminine side. Benefits include a calming of the emotions so that you can take a more objective view of a situation, and balance oversensitivity.  It is also said to arouse a greater feeling of tenderness and compassion towards yourself.
Rutilated Quartz – Invaluable on any of the chakras.  Helps connect one to the inner self through meditation and spiritual healing.

Foods that Fuel Your Sacral Chakras
·       Sweet fruits: melons, mangos, strawberries, passion fruit, oranges, coconut, etc.
·       Honey
·       Nuts: almonds, walnuts, etc.
·       Spices: cinnamon, vanilla, carob, sweet paprika, sesame seeds, caraway seeds

Incense/oils: Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood.

Balanced Energy: Shows concern for others, friendly, creative, intuitive, good humored, balanced, desire for pleasure, vitality, sexual satisfaction, discrimination and prosperity. 

Excessive Overactive Energy: Explosive, aggressive, manipulative, self-serving . Selfish, arrogant, lustful, overly proud or conceited, highly strung emotionally, constant power seeking.

Deficient Under active Energy : Shy, timid, hides emotions, overly sensitive, emotionally hurt, guilt feelings.  Mistrustful of others, introverted, unable to show emotions, worrying about what others think, anti-social.

Archetypal  Characteristics: The Sacral Chakra further develops the theme of the Root Chakra of personal responsibility and self expression. Its archetypes are the “Sovereign” and the “Martyr” which are attitudes towards abundance and how much we believe that we deserve to enjoy life. These two associates represent the polarities of pleasure and fulfillment, against suffering and sacrifice.

The negative Archetypal characteristic is the Martyr. They are less likely than Victims to blame external influences for what they perceive as a life of suffering but share a similar belief that they don’t deserve anything better. Martyrs involve being entrenched in a pit of self pity with no motivation to shift the negative attitudes contributing to the situation. 

Martyrs lives are steeped in a sense of lack, which underpins a justification for not changing beliefs and behaviours because there is just not enough good fortune in the world to go around – and they have drawn the short straw. So,  they whine and complain, but never take any action. Theirs is a passive acceptance of life rather than the active desire to change and develop. Without a proper regard for personal needs and desires, mothers very often develop into Martyrs.

The positive Archetypal characteristic is the Sovereign – those who allow good things of life to be part of their everyday experiences. They are magnetic personalities whom everyone enjoys being with.   These individuals do not necessarily live charmed lives, it’s simply that when confronted with a challenging situation they see the positives and negatives.    

They know that Winter always turns to Spring. Their more developed inner world gives them permission to rejoice in their own achievements. Nurturing their own desires is a high priority for the Sovereigns of this world. To them life is bountiful and they, as much as anyone else, deserve a share in the beauty and rewards that surround them, including sexual fulfillment. Sex to them is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. They are always on the look-out for the benefits rather than disadvantages.

I am moving towards a time when I am totally happy and fulfilled, life offers me everything I need for that journey.

I am prepared to honor my body and feel good about my sexuality.

I have the right to express my desires to myself and others.

Life is unfolding as it should.

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