Sunday, 2 September 2012

Meditation with Crystals

I find using a crystal in meditation helps me to find that inner person that seeks guidance in time of needing clarification on what life dishes out. It also enables me to touch powers that can help control the person I am.  I have learned that the more I can control myself, the more effectively I can create my own reality. I now see my growth and I know I can trust my inner guidance.  

In meditation the crystal amplifies signals directly from your intuition and allows spiritual guidance to come in.

Recently, I read this paragraph and wish to share it, as I could relate to it myself.  “Very few people know themselves, nor do they know how to control themselves.  Most people are like the branches on a tree.  When the wind is low and the weather is nice, they endure fine.  However, when a storm or wind arises, these, rock steady branches will blow this way and that way, being totally out of control.  Well, your inner person is not unlike the tree branches.  When your life runs smoothly, you have no problem keeping stable; but when a crisis arises, you fly completely out of control, reacting to everything and not knowing how to get through the crisis or control what is happening.  That loss of control is due to a lack of knowledge — a lack of knowledge concerning your reactions, your feelings, or your energy.  Surprisingly enough, crystal meditation will unlock some of these inner chambers, which can help you to understand, more fully, yourself and reduce your fears. Not only that, with crystal meditation, when a crisis does come up, you will possess a great tool that can help and guide you toward agreeable resolutions.”

Some people do have the ability to see or feel the energy around the crystal.  Recently, my dear friend Teresa and I were blown away with our own eyes when we were in Crystals and Candles snapping away shots for the blog, and saw that the Selenite Lamps were truly alive.  There was an energy field captured in the picture frame around the lamp which was totally beautiful. Not obvious to the eye when the photo was taken, but in aligning the frame shot, the energy was very present.
There are several ways you can hold the crystal for meditation. One is to hold it in your receiving hand with the point towards the fingertips.  If you wish to feel the concentrated energy from the crystal, the point can face toward you.  Another way is to hold it in the cup of your hands, placing your receiving hand on the bottom and your sending hand on the top.  The crystal sits in your sending hand with the point upwards. It helps if the crystal has a flat base for this.  You can also hold or tape the crystal to your third eye, point up.  This position seems a little more sensitive than the others do, so watch for dizziness or headaches.  Once you have adjusted to the increased amplification of your forehead, you will generally not experience these symptoms.  It is important to use your intuition to determine what feels right for you.

In meditation the crystal is aiding in helping to stay calm and focused, particularly in the sitting, breathing part also with affirmations, visualizations and so on.   

If you have a space that you particularly use for meditation, you can place a cluster in the space to amplify higher energies.    Practice breathing with the crystal, as this helps you attune to it.  Set yourself up to be positive, even if you may feel drained, tired or emotionally low in vibration. Intend that you will repair and realign yourself, therefore creating a higher vibration and allowing the crystal to assist you, through its ability to amplify the intent, ready in anything you plan to use it for.

For meditation it is common to use quartz, amethyst, selenite or in some cases, ones own birth stone.

Quartz crystal when used during meditation will focus your own inner energies and take control of the mind easily and more effectively.
Amethyst is great for psychic and spiritual development. Amethyst is essentially the “spiritual quartz”  and will help you to channel and enhance those abilities that are already inherent in you.
Selenite is to calm and clear troubled or confused states of mind or to advance mental powers and activate the crown chakra.
Birth stones increase inner relaxation and peace of mind and, in particular, to find a sense of direction when you might feel that you have temporarily lost your way in life.


  1. I found the paragraph on being like a branch of a tree really resonated with me as well. The crystal meditations that we have been doing have definitely unlocked some of my inner chambers and allowed me to understand myself more fully.
    The personal experiences in the crystal meditations in the last few weeks took me by surprise as i was not prepared. But what has blown me away is that the crystal that was chosen for me in my first meditation by my guides was exactly the crystal needed for the process that i was personally going through. I was stunned as i read up about the crystal and how it covered everything that i seemed to be needing in that moment in time. I had never seen or heard of this particular crystal before and it was amazing to me how trusting what you are given in meditation is so important in understanding who you are.
    Thank you Mary for these classes and the experience.
    Looking forward to next week. :-)

    1. Hi Sam,
      I am so pleased to hear that you are trusting what you get. It is exactly what you are meant to be doing in meditation. Listening to your inner guidance! Thank you for sharing your experiences, the deeper we go the better it gets.
      Always remember the classes are not about me, that are about us all growing together, unlocking the hidden mysteries of our own identity. The authentic self reveals itself when we trust in ourselves and trust in take responsibilites for truth.
      I too, look forward to our next class.


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