Saturday, 29 September 2012

Karma Clearing

“Karma”  comes from the Sanskrit word which simply means “action”.  Simply put, the Law of Karma – also known as the Law of cause and effect – is a concept that, for every action there is an opposite and equal re-action.

On a soul level, by choosing to be in this class you have chosen to evolve which opens you to accept your soul’s karmic consequences of not just your present, but also that of your ancestors, the connections you have in alignment to other souls.

When we talk about the affects and effects of karma, we are usually referring to the individual karma each one of us has created through the passage of time and our many re-births. However, this – the personal karma – is not what only affects and influences someone’s life and path.  There are numerous group karmic connections we all are involved with, like multiple circles, of different combinations and of sizes, one inside the other or part of the other, creating a very complicated design with even more complicated creations and influences.
For example, there is the ancestral / family karma, the same country karma, the same culture karma, the same continent karma, the same civilization karma, the same religion karma, the same belief system karma, the same football team karma, the same karma of being in the same airplane flight and so on.

From all those karmic groups, the family / ancestral karma is one of the closest to us in terms of impact on our existence and living and the most influential one. The family karma affects can be found not only as imprints in one’s personality traits, belief systems, lifestyle but also within the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body; within one’s DNA.

Based on this thinking, it seems that ancestral karma is pretty much part of us, pretty much attached and something that we cannot so easily be disassociated from.

I’m not talking here about the spiritual family we belong to as souls – this is a completely different story – but of the physical family we chose to be born into. 
Although it might be that this is our first encounter with these individuals on a soul level, our physical relation and their physical relation to a physical relation of the many ancestors of that same family is carried forward within our DNA.

I, like others, have found that low point. This is when decided to awaken to my spiritual path.  One of the early things was that l was drawn to discover was my own heritage. Whilst in Italy, (even though at the time I wasn’t aware of what was unfolding) I discovered many things about my background that tie in with who I am right now. 

Another interesting point (as I chose to be born into a migrant family, raised without knowing my grandparents or any other relatives) my experiences were more in alignment with the Australian culture and I never had the opportunity to really understand my Italian cultural roots.  My parents were strict but loving parents who carried their own fears and beliefs and didn’t go down the path of supersititions.

I did hear around the traps a term called the “Mal Occhio” which means the “Evil Eye”.   It was never something my parents spoke about.  As it turns out, my heritage was there, but I through unconscious fear, I was oblivious to it. Through the different people in my karmic circle, including new family, especially of late, karma eventually catches up.

The nuts and bolts of this “Mal Occhio” is that it is similar to what work I do in terms of “Multi Deminsional Clearings”  therefore it is something that I have reacquainted on my own which ties in with business from another passage in time.  The process Itself is about detaching, disassociating, cutting off, releasing any negative bonds that deprive someone from moving forward in spiritual and worldly terms.  Ancient Italian witchcraft is what it is, a tool used to do all of the above. 

I also want to make clear, that the request is for the negative influences to be released, as there are also positive influences from the same ancestral connection which we should still keep.

When we look deep enough we find out the issues we carry as individuals in our energetic bodies and physical DNA from our own ancestors – sometimes many generations back. These can be limiting beliefs, habits, repetitive scenarios, ways of thinking and acting which do not serve the person’s greatest and highest good in this present birth or traumatic experiences with unfavourable consequences to one’s life. These aspects often are carried forward to future generations and can manifest similar experiences, limitations to progress and even ill health. Clearing these aspects from one’s etheric DNA does not only bring benefit to the person but it also affects positively the whole family line – our ancestors and especially our children and the future generations.

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