Sunday, 2 September 2012

Crystal Programming

It is so easy to say this crystal does this and this one does that… but do you really want to know how and why they work? When working with crystals as tools for healing we require an understanding of how to correctly use them.

Like people, they are living and conscious and able to communicate.  They require programming to perform certain tasks. I believe that are several ways of doing this. The one I commonly use is to hold the crystal in my left hand, which is my receiving hand. I place it on my heart, and through my heart I place an intention (program) into the crystal.  Another way is to hold the crystal in your cupped hands, bring up to your mouth and breathe the intent into the crystal.

Either way your intent will impregnate the crystal and activate it.

This intention will rest in the crystal for about 28 days or until you purify it or remove existing programs with a new clearing program.

The crystal can house several intentions providing they are compatible.  As everything is in duality there are recognizable female and male energies in all things. Feminine energies are passive, used in nurturing, healing practices. Male energies are far more active such as in strength, protection, abundance etc.  In other words male and female energies can’t be mixed at the same time with the intent given to a crystal.  

Another aspect that needs to be considered is how many programs can a crystal hold?  Marvel Vogel, a man with a scientific understanding said that a crystal could hold only as many programs as there were faces on the end of the crystal.     

When you are attracted to a crystal, visually or energetically, that crystal may reveal itself to you in many ways.  It is very possible that you may physically experience warmth, a coldness or even a tingle.  Each crystal is unique in its own vibration, so trust what you choose and what thoughts or feelings come through for you.    Do not be concerned if you don’t at first recognize these sensations, however the more you work with them the stronger the sensations become. Regardless of your sensitivity towards the crystal, when programmed it will still work for you.

You now know how to choose and program your crystal, so how do you get it to help you.  
Firstly, either wear or carry it.  This method works fine if they are small, but if they are large crystals, you can meditate with them.  Hold them in your hand for 5 minutes or so and ask the crystal to help you with what you have programmed into it.  The crystal will then go about making subtle changes in your energy field to help you.  Do not be surprised if your life changes because of this work, that is what you wanted; however it may not be what you expected.  Crystals often have a mysterious way of changing your reality and the areas where you thought there was no change needed, it ends up being the one that is changing.  This is all part of the process. Best thing to do here is to go with it and see where it takes you.  Usually it takes you where you wanted to go but not in the way you thought it would.

Crystals have phenomenal abilities and affect people in all kinds of ways.  They are amplifiers and transformers of energy.  The crystal immediately enlarges to the slightest thought or gesture.

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