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Flower Psychometry

How can you not appreciate flowers? I  for one, just love flowers, all colours, all types. I see so much beauty in flowers and they really do speak to you.  I also appreciate the medicinal value of plants and flowers, but did you know that the flowers you are attracted to actually a reflection of your own energy?

In other words, flower psychometry, as the name suggests, links flowers to our psyche which we can use to mirror our state of health and identify aspects within our being which are out of balance. A 'chosen' flower can be used to provide insight to our health and personal problems.

Looking at a flower can be the same as holding up a mirror to your soul in which you can see your life more clearly. Your personal flower will reveal your state of being at that time and help you learn to appreciate your own individual beauty and talents.

A major part of modern flower psychometry entails finding your personal flower which can impart deeper understanding of both the problem and the remedy. The habitat and growth pattern of the flower as well as its shape, aroma and colouring contains personal information about you and holds the exact pattern of energy you need. It is the fact that flowers radiate light and aroma vibrations that gives them this ability to heal.
Good health can be viewed as a balance of energy between different parts of our being, and when the vibrations in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies are in alignment, we experience good physical health, vitality, and lead a full and happy life.

This fine energy balance can however be disturbed by outside conditions such as environmental pollution and internal imbalances, including a poor diet, lack of sleep, negative thoughts and repressed emotions. If stress is maintained for a long period, our physical body drains energy from our subtle bodies, with the result we may feel tired, moody and depressed. Unlike physical medicines, the fine vibrations of colour and aroma held within flowers are able to penetrate to the more subtle areas of our being, bringing into alignment energy in the different parts. In the physical body every cell is receptive to light energy, and when a colour frequency is received it will affect the growth and behaviour of the cell. This means that the colour wave-lengths affect the very core of our being, even our DNA patterns.

Plants can be viewed as a microcosm – a reflection of the outside world. As the human organism is composed of a mass of moving energy particles of light, sound and electrical energy, we are instinctively attracted to the flowers whose vibrational energy is similar to our own. In the past it was thought that the plant mimicked the organ or illness that it could heal, so that the lungwort leaves resembled the lungs, while walnuts look like the two halves of the brain.

Dr Edward Bach (1886–1936), an exponent of this theory, developed the idea that we will naturally become attracted to a flower which mirrors a discordant state of mind. He believed that the flower also contained the energy pattern we require to regain harmony between the ego and soul.

Flower and Colour Charged Essences

When you have picked a flower for a flower psychometry reading it is possible to enjoy its beauty for a short time until it withers and dies, but we can turn flower and colour vibrations into potentized remedies.
One of the most effective ways of preserving your healing flower vibrations is by creating a flower essence. This is a simple method which transfers energy patterns into water, can be kept for a long period of time and can be used as a healing remedy. Flower essences are often described as liquid consciousness as the life-force vibration is held in a form which can influence and benefit a person's life. Sunlight is essential for making flower essences, for it is the action of the sunlight on water that transfers the energy pattern of the flower into the liquid.

While the vibrational energy patterns of flowers can be captured in flower essences, water also provides a perfect medium for holding electro-magnetic energy of specific colour vibrations. One can create a colour essence in much the same way as a flower essence, by placing a specially designed colour filter over a bowl of pure water. The filter allows only a particular wave-length of light to pass through. Sunlight is the catalyst causing energy transfer from one medium to another.  Colour essences can be used for a whole range of problems. Blue essence makes a cooling gargle with antiseptic qualities, while yellow essence helps dispel fear and stimulates the digestive system.

Ideally flower essences should be made directly from your chosen flower, but you can also select appropriate flower remedies from a manufactured range. It is very helpful when selecting flower essences from the thousands of remedies available to use colour as your guide. For example, red flowers will have a stimulating effect on your energy levels, circulation, and sexual functions. On an emotional and mental level, red flowers will contain grounding and motivating energy.

Many plant remedies are yellow-green in colour and these work on the digestive system, strengthening assimilation and elimination processes. Colour-charged essences of these colours will also help de-congest blocked energy in the liver, pancreas and gall-bladder. Emotionally and mentally, yellow flowers can help address issues related to the ego, self-confidence and mental alertness. Shorter wave-lengths of blue and violet will have calming and sedating qualities.

Disconnected from nature, we are choose to be in a  highly complex world where we are searching in the wrong place and are overlooking the solutions which can be found in the most pure and simple creative force – light. It is in the flower that both the scientific and spiritual qualities of this natural resource are brought together.
The healing energy in yellow daises promotes clarity of mind and the ability to absorb information. As daisies resemble eyes,
they are often made into remedies for the treatment of sore and strained eyes

Case Study 1

Flower Chosen: A fiery red and yellow snapdragon from a tall spike.
Martha is a middle-aged woman who was suffering from pain in her jaw just in front of her left ear. She had been to an osteopath and had the doctor check her ear for infections but neither of these treatments had found the source of her problem or alleviated the symptoms.
Reading: Martha was attracted to a red and yellow snapdragon. As the name suggests, the life-theme of this flower reflects someone who is snappy and angry. Red is associated with anger and yellow with the 'ego' and so this flower shows someone who finds it difficult to express their feelings and who may be in conflict with another person.
Treatment: After taking the Snapdragon flower essence for a week with no change, one morning Martha woke up with the realization that she was holding a deep-seated anger towards her mother. She was encouraged to talk about these feelings and within a few days her painful jaw eased.

Case Study 2

Flower Chosen: Bill chose a small white daisy growing in a wall in the sun.
Bill was born in Australia and has just joined his partner Jane who lives in the UK. Bill misses the sunshine and his love of sailing, especially as they now live in a city far from the sea. Recently Bill has been suffering from a spastic colon (irritable bowel syndrome), which can be very painful and debilitating.
Reading: The life-theme of the daisy family is one of innocence and the inner child. Here is someone who is wanting to recapture the freedom and joys of childhood without adult responsibility. The daisy was growing in a wall which was a metaphor suggesting that the circumstances in which this person finds themselves are difficult. However, as the flower was thriving in a sunny position this suggests they have inner resilience and the ability to find success and happiness even in these circumstances. For Bill the daisy reflects the problem of adjusting to his new life, but it brings a message of hope that he has the support so he can find a place to blossom and grow.
Treatment: Bill was given hot infusions of daisy-like chamomile flowers to which a few drops of yellow essence were added to drink twice a day. After a week, he reported that the bouts of pain were not occurring as frequently, but that his spirits were still low. He had found a large poster of a field of daisies which he hung on his wall and used this as a focus whenever he felt depressed. After a month Bill said he felt much more relaxed and his physical symptoms were much improved. He was now involved in a local children's charity.

Case Study 3

June is in her forties and recently her GP discovered a lump in her breast. She had the lump removed, and although this turned out to be benign, June is worried that this problem may recur and take a more serious form. June is a single mother who works from home designing children's clothing.
Flower Chosen: June chose a pink climbing rose from a hedgerow. The plant was intertwined amongst blackberries so it was very thorny and difficult to reach.
Reading: Roses have the life theme of love and sacrifice through emotional suffering. This rose was growing wild and freely, showing a freedom of spirit and the ability to create a strong life of her own through connection with like minded souls. The pale pink of this rose shows someone who is sensitive and loving and who needs to be accepted for who they are and not to have to conform to anybody else's idea of who they should be.
In the case of June, the flower reflects her creative and at times difficult path to fulfilling her dreams. She is a loving mother who has the determination to succeed. Her thorns, like the rose, protect her delicate centre, and perhaps she needs to see that others find her hard to approach as she has such high ideals. The lesson for June is to relax more and let down some of her defences, so she can allow love to flow. If she doesn't hold on so tightly for fear of losing what she has, the crystallized energy in her breast can be released for good.
Treatment: June not only took essence made from her rose, we also made a massage oil from Rose absolute and essential oil of palmarosa which she rubbed on her wound. The effect of the essence was almost immediate for June, and she said that she intuitively knew this problem would not occur again. She used the massage oil regularly and found that her scar healed exceptionally quickly. It is now three years since June was treated and she is in good health and she has developed a loving relationship with a man with who shares her creative interest.

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