Monday, 23 April 2012

Spiritual Accounting – Is your Spirit over taxed?

There are energetic costs of living in an ego based world.   Our spirit becomes over taxed, drained and depleted.  It only takes simple steps of awareness to balance ego and self love.

Like all expenditure, we need to properly assess our psychic expenditures so we can stay on the positive side of the life’s balance sheet. 

Let’s face it – all people we interact with daily, business or pleasure – including our closest of family, require some amount of energy from us.   Fortunately, the same also replenish energy.   Our assignment as consciously self-loving, Divine spiritual beings is to accurately measure these energetic expenditures so that we can keep our balance.  Given the demands of day-to-day life, we must replenish ourselves frequently with self-loving choices and actions to keep our Spirit light-hearted and energized. 

So far, we have learned how to recognize our self love, by separating ourselves from the ego, we have learned to nourish the temple of the Spirit, to know what the Spirit loves, and to allow the Spirit to lead us every day by expressing gratitude for all that is.   
Now it is about finding the balance for your Spirit!

Look at your own accounting or ledger of life, start making some conscious choices on where you can replenish your Spirit.   Look at the key areas of your life where your energy is becoming depleted or drained.  Do you give your energy away without being replenished? Now you have to find a way to counterbalance these situations.  The answer is simple, knowing what your Spirit loves, naturally renews your Spirit.   
There is an energetic “overdraft” - very common for people who are beginning a Spiritual path.  The bank of the Universe will remind you when your account is in exceeding its overdraft, with the interest being unpleasantly present physically, mentally and emotionally.    

The soul does try to refresh your Spirit’s energy for you in some way.   Not likely to be without consequence.   When you examine life on an energetic level, objectively look over your own life experiences, you will notice your own Spirit’s unconscious attempts to rebalance your energy when you’re overextended.  It can show up in something as coincidental as getting a cold and becoming bedridden after pushing yourself to the limit or causing damage to body parts when overdoing some physical work. All accidents happen for a reason. 
 Rather than reach a crisis point that requires dramatic intervention on your Spirit’s part, it’s so much more self aware and self-loving of you to give yourself full freedom and permission to recuperate consciously – and plan to do so in advance.  Then your recovery is pain free, and self-love remains intact.

 Everyday life – especially that require change, even when positive – can deplete and tax us energetically, so we must be mindful of ways to replenish our energy if we are to be truly self loving.

If you were in the middle of a hot dessert, extremely thirsty, would you hesitate to stop and drink if you were near an oasis?  Well, that is what mediating is like for the Spirit:  It’s a cool refreshing drink at the wellspring of life, available to anyone, anywhere, anytime they’re willing to take their attention away from the scorching intensity of being part of the human ego condition. 

Meditation is refreshment, replenishment, and rejuvenation of the Spirit – it is a vacation for the ego and body as well.   When you meditate, your Spirit checks in with God, your Creator, who is the source for the fulfilment of all your needs. 

The beauty of meditation is that there’s no one right way to do it; there’s simply your way.  The ego mind discourages you from meditation by having you believe that it’s a near impossible yogi-like feat that’s only legitimate if you can silence your brain to the point of becoming nearly unconscious. 

How appealing is that?  Not very, which is why this is such an effective ploy to keep you from trying it.  Your Spirit knows better, Meditation is simply a walk with God.  You enter it through your imagination, and once there, you can accompany the Divine anywhere you want.  You can walk with God along a pristine sandy beach at sunrise; through a green, earthy forest and into a magical place; to a gorgeous mountain peak overlooking an ancient valley; or to a distant star.  Or you can simply invite God to join you in a fireside chat in your space. 

As you walk with God, imagine that you’re talking with Him.  Tell your Creator all that troubles your heart.  Unload everything, as God knows all anyway, so there’s no need to hold back or hide.  Take your time as your unburden yourself. Breathe gently, sharing all your concerns, then, after your have emptied your heart and there are no more words for the moment, continue the walk with God in silence.  Or if you’re enjoying a fireside chat, once you have released your burdens, just watch the fire with God.  Enjoy the silence and the scenery.  Replenish being close and connected to God.  As you walk, imagine that your Creator is lovingly embracing you.  Imagine being hugged by God.

It is possible that God may break the silence and advise you, just be okay with whatever unfolds. Just enjoy being in God’s loving vibration and healing presence.  Walk as long as you want, and when your Spirit is gull of God’s presence, return with God to the door of your imagination.  Thank your Creator for His presence and love, and step back through the door and into the present time.

That is it!! You have meditated.     

Go for a walk or sit with God everyday, because he restores and energizes your Spirit.   If you plan it everyday at the same time, God will know when you’re coming to see Him and will be waiting to welcome you with an open, loving embrace the moment you cross the threshold. Treasure your time in God’s presence.  Protect it and don’t allow your ego to distract you or steal away this time by making excuses; over booking your schedule; letting the outside world come first.

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