Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Get to Know more about your Spirit

Let us become familiar with our Spirit.     What does it like? What does it Love?
It is the part of you that is light, happy, creative, and kind…. The part of you that’s present, lives in the moment and laughs easily.  It is the aspect of your nature that is tolerant, forgiving, easy going, generous, enthusiastic  and confident.   

To help you recognize and get to know your Spirit more intimately, look over the following short list of other typical Spirit Characteristics to see which ones you relate to:

·         Solid
·         Consistent
·         Grounded
·         Calm Slow to react
·         Patient
·         Affectionate

Easy to be practical and solid in state of being.

·         Sensitive
·         Compassionate
·         Emphatic
·         Emotional
·         Nurturing
·         Encouraging
·         Moody

This Spirit tends to be of heart, can be very caring and nurturing.

·         Expressive
·         Assertive
·         Reactive
·         Decisive
·         Impulsive
·         Confident
·         Communicative

Very talkative Spirit, quick on their feet, great teachers.

·         Global in perspective
·         Objective
·         Curious
·         Resourceful
·         Inventive

These spirits see the bigger picture in all things, tend to be very wise and open minded. 

It is not unusual for a Spirit to have a combination of these Characteristics - that is you can be both an earthy and watery Spirit at the same time.  As Divine Beings, we draw from all aspects of conscious expression and often blend our Divine traits.  To deeply appreciate and understand your Spirit is to identify what you love.   What engages you so completely that you step away from all sense of time and space and simply enjoy the now?  What thrills, delights, consumes, mesmerizes and moves your?

Make a quick list of all the things you love and you’ll get a solid sense of your unique Spirit and how it best wants to express itself. 

These core loves, are the food and fuel of your Spirit – the things that strengthen and feed the authentic self.
Looking at your list - do your feel instantly happy and peaceful?   If so, you are connected to your Spirit and Divine Mind.

If you question your path, your truth and your purpose, begin your exploration with the list you just made.  It is the perfect place to find answers and direction because it reflects the authentic you in action.

The more you give your Spirit what it loves, the stronger and more embodied it becomes; and the more embodied the Spirit becomes, the less lost and out of control your feel.  A well nurtured, fully embodied Spirit quiets your nerves, insecure , self-sabotaging, fearful ego mind completely and moves you toward what makes you happy and fills you with light.

The more you work with your Spirit, allowing it to move in the direction of what you love, the more quickly you enter into a comfortable and grounded pattern of ease and confidence. 

You may have temporary relapses of ego and drift away from your Spirit, getting caught up in the trap of negativity and insecurity, but don’t become to concerned, remind yourself or engage in one thing your Spirit loves every day and you will get back on track.

You will be challenged by ego….

You may notice that as you get to know your Spirit, unfortunately, society which runs on a currency of ego, will challenge you because ego loves to share misery because it only feels misery.  So people who don’t know their Spirit, and don’t connect with their Spirit, fall under the ego’s spell and complain about everything in life.    If you don’t resonate with other people’ egos, those egos get quite annoyed with you as a ploy to intimidate you into being a party to their unhappiness

So beware of this potential ambush, and stay alert.  Don’t get intimidated into commiserating on an ego level with others as a way to be connected.  Be true to your Spirit, and don’t be embarrassed to feel good about yourself.  You may initially feel a bit out of sync with the world, in fact your are:  You’re  out of sync with the dominate energy of society, which is the gripping ego at its worst.  Stick with loving yourself and living your Spirit and be patient with others.    There are people resonating at a higher level of vibration, and if yours is consistently high, you’ll connect to them.  So, stay true to your Spirit and enjoy your peace, even if it’s unpopular.

Recognize assaults  or judgments of your happiness as attacks from the ego and laugh them off.  See such challenges as opportunities to show these very same people another way.  Their reaction may not be positive at first, but you’ll give them something to think about. 

Do not take someone else’s resistance to your joy personally.  Choosing self love challenges the collective paradigm of guilt and shame that has controlled us for thousands of years.  If we go the route of the ego, we’ll never feel worthy of self love.  If we choose to live our Spirit, we’ll be instantly liberated.  

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