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How to fully engage the heart!

Hi Everyone,

Here are last nights notes on meditation. It was a beautiful night (as always).
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There are four important aspects of the heart (as there are four chambers) corresponding with the  true expressions of your Spirit.

1. Open Heart

You are born with an open heart – open to receive, feel and experience love of God, life and others. You had a direct connection to Source.   It’s the heart that expects life to be positive and a wonderful experience.  The open heart sees, feels, and absorbs the beauty of the world.

Sadly, we do experience human ego confusion – anger, judgment, and disapproval which disconnects us from our Spirit and closes our hearts.  In this state, you will not be able to connect with your Spirit and you become isolated in your ego.

Keeping your heart open is among the most important – and perhaps most challenging of all decisions you can make to love yourself and live your Spirit. You must maintain an open heart in order to stay in a close and receptive relationship with all that nurtures and supports your spirit.   When you do you claim your right, as a Divine being, to be provided for and nourished throughout life no matter what unfolds.  When you expect good things, you attract them. This is the natural Divine plan.  

“Things work out in the end.  If it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end.”  So, until the end, keep your heart open and expect good things.

2. Clear Heart

A clear heart allows you to engage in life with objectivity and reason.  When your heart is clear, you don’t take life personally.  When it is not clear, it’s very difficult to love yourself because you’re too busy being victimized and abused by those around you and suffering for it.
You can’t get to a clear heart through the ego, because this part of you gets in the way and blocks the Spirit from taking you to a higher ground.  You must decide that you’re not going to be a victim of anyone’s behaviour in order to access a clear heart.  Once you do, your heart automatically begins to clear.
You begin to understand that your boss acts like a bully because he’s insecure, not because you’re doing a bad job.  You recognize that your child is angry and defensive because the child is neglecting their responsibility, not because you are a bad parent.
Having a clear heart is an enormously self loving choice because it frees you from absorbing everyone else’s misery and lets your enjoy your peace. 
To have a clear heart is simple

a) Take nothing personally.  Whatever someone does or doesn’t do isn’t about you.

b) Don’t be a victim.  Remember that you can’t control others, but you can choose how your respond to them.

When your heart is clear, you can see connections and hidden relationships where you understand what’s really going on with people and can therefore make better choices about how you want to respond. 
When you feel fear, it clouds or fogs the heart.  Simply recognize it when it shows up and acknowledge its presence, stay positive and you will see the fear subside and clarity returns to the heart.   Many of our fears really are nothing more than threats to our already insecure egos.  There is always that possibility of fear being about danger.  it is far better to acknowledge fear’s presence so that our heart will clear up and our guidance will come through to help get us out of it.
Ask your Spirit is it a real or an imagined threat?  Listen to the answer, if it is real, ask the clear heart to guide you quickly to safety; if imagined, ask it to step aside. 
What fogs and disturbs a clear heart are strong emotions of any sort like intense anger, strong infatuation or overwhelming grief.   These emotions interrupt our ability to love. Emotions are like messengers, they inform us about the experiences of our lives.   We learn from them, but shouldn’t act on them.  It’s best to wait until their intensity passes then choose our actions.  Take a walk, work out or a hot shower, calm the ego. 
When your heart is clear, you can feel your Spirit and automatically find great love and appreciation for yourself.  When clouded, you can’t touch or sense your Spirit because your ego is freaking out.  When your heart is clear, you can make healthy, self -loving choices that honour your Spirit.  

     3. Wise Heart

The aspect of self -love moves away from the personal “I” and sees you as part of a greater whole, the human race.  The wise heart encourages you to move beyond personal gain and begin to consider the impact of each of your choices on the whole of humanity.   This is the wise heart of self -control on an ego level – the heart that opts not to drink and drive or chooses fresh food over fast food when planning meals. 
A wise heart refrains you from reacting in some situations rather than acting.  Choose to walk away if it means avoiding conflict.   A wise heart protects and serves us in all situations.  We need to forfeit the need to be “right”.  The minute we believe we’re “right”, someone else must be “wrong” and there is your conflict.  Have you values, your morals and convictions, that is fine, but respect differences in opinion.  It is important to live with your inner morals and your personal inner guidance. 
Engaging a wise heart is more than simply controlling your emotions – its also accessing higher reason to guide your through tough situations. 


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  2. Hi Atta,
    One needs to understand the characteristics of the heart when working through the matters of the heart and this class did clarify things for many. Thank you for reading the article.


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