Monday, 2 April 2012

Welcome Your Spirit!

A miracle happens when you stop believing that you are your “ego self” and start connecting to you Spirit.

When you stop the “fear”, you feel the “love” because when you welcome your Spirit you align with Divine mind and become one with the Divine. The authentic self becomes aligned with all that is Divine… beauty, harmony, peace and all your inner desires.

Ego will challenge you…as it doesn’t want you to know your Spirit – it has power over you!

To claim your Spirit automatically displaces your ego and pushes it out of the job of running (ruining) your life.

To discern ego from Spirit is to check in with your vibes. When you connect with Spirit, you feel good, positive and have self loving vibes. When you connect with ego, you feel irritable, critical, depressed and tired.

Treat your Spirit as sacred – because it is! It is a holy part of your life.

Imagine your Spirit as a sacred guest taking up residence in your life. Surely, you would take care of it the same as you would for someone you loved. Imagine speaking to your Spirit, with kindness, love and affection.

Take proper care of your body as it your houses the Spirit. This means creating a loving, grounded and healthy home for your Spirit. Not to do so is disrespectful to your Spirit.  Your spirit can step out of your body if it becomes too toxic….because the vibration is too low. If the Spirit has vacated, there is no spark, no luminescence, with no light in the ones eyes. A dark emptiness as if no one is home.

Neglect is not the only reason the Spirit steps out of the body. Trauma, abuse, physical injury, self loathing, extreme anger or fear can dislodge the Spirit. When the Spirit steps out, it doesn’t go far; it simply moves outside the physical body yet remains connected by the silver cord above it. The Spirit remains energetically connected to you but are not embodied. This leaves you weak, and easily influenced by lower vibrations.

When your Spirit dislodges, the decision to correct the path you are walking re connects the Spirit back.

The minute you decide to welcome your Spirit, to place loving attention to it; give priority to it, treat it holy and sacred, you raise your vibration and the Spirit snaps back in.

Love your body.  To love yourself, you must love your body as well –it comes as a packaged deal. No matter what kind of body you ended up with, it’s the only one you have. Realize how important your physical self is to your life’s journey – not for the approval it wins from others, but for the service it provides your spirit. It’s your vessel, your means of experiencing life. So first, and foremost befriend your body from the inside out. Failure to do so will end with an illness whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. To not be concerned about how it looks; instead pay attention to how the body feels mentally, emotional and physically and its relationship with soul.

The body is a sensitive, vibrationally responsive vessel. Be conscious of what self talk there is in thoughts, be conscious of whom you interact with and how you interact. Be conscious of the life force in the food you feed the physical body, the temple of your spirit.

When well cared for and cherished, your body becomes your best intuitive feedback system. It can warn you of danger through a gut feeling, the hair on the back of your neck standing up, or chills running up and down your arms. It can also register excitement through warmth in your throat, butterflies in your stomach, or lightness of heart. It’s your best intuitive guide that will support you beyond where you’re going and towards the best possible circumstances at all times.

The more we love and care for our bodies, the more in tune we become with them. Welcome your spirit and invite it fully into your life.

With this new awareness, you will come to view your physical self as your faithful ally and friend and become happily grounded in your own skin.

A beautiful quote that seems fitting for this evening's blog ...

"You don't have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body." -

– C.S. Lewis

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