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Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is located on the forehead between the eyebrows. The colour of this chakra is indigo, the note is A and the mantra is OM.
The third eye represents you intuition, inner awareness, wisdom and inner sight. It is the energy centre that governs your intellect (the part of you that makes decisions), and your intuition (the part of you that governs clarity from source). Our intuition can get into battle with our ego as our ego likes to rely on what is known to be fact. Whereas the intuition does not, is being fed information from the universe, from what our mind see as the unknown. A balance third eye will help these two minds work together in partnership with one another for our highest, greatest good. 

The key ingredient in following your intuition is trust. What you see, feel, hear, sense on an intuitive level is your direct communication with source energy. Because we don't always trust our intuition often these very important messages get ignored. As we have grown through childhood and into adulthood we have learnt to trust what we experience with our five senses. Many would call our intuition our 6th sense. How many times can you recall trusting your intuition and saving yourself from a negative experience? Or maybe you ignored your intuition and made a mistake or detrimental decision. 

A Balanced Third Eye
When our third eye is balanced your mind is balanced. You are able to listen to and trust your intuition (highly intuitive). You can see the world with sense and logic. You are able to see life from a higher perspective with clarity. Your will be able to remember your dreams and obtain messages from them as they will be clear and more vivid.

A Unbalanced Third Eye 
When it is weak or blocked, you may experience a lack of imagination and not see things clearly with a feeling of confusion. You may also exhibit problems with sleep, and not remembering your dreams. Your thought may be foggy and things will be difficult to remember.
When it is excessive you may have overactive thoughts where your mind is racing. You may also find it difficult to tune into and trust your intuition. You may also find that you become over intellectual and arrogant, relying too much on the intellectual brain.
It is paramount that this chakra has the support from the centered and balanced lower chakras.

Physical Manifestations of a Blocked Third Eye
The third eye governs the eyes, ears, nose, brain and base of the skull. When the third eye is unbalanced and physical manifestation occurs, it can result in headaches, migraines, insomnia, nightmares, sinus and nose congestion, dizziness, vision problems, mental health problems and poor memory.

Metaphysical Element is Associated with the Third Eye.
The third eye is associated with Light. The light enables use to see. The light from source is guiding us through our physical journey on earth. Without the light we would not be able to guide our way out of the dark. It is the light that enables us to see truth and see the beauty beyond the judgments of the physical reality.

6th Sense of Intuition
Intuition is your inner knowing, inner thought from source, your direct line to the universe to guide you in your daily life. It is the sense that helps us read and interprets the energy around us with the third eye assisting. It allows us to read thought energy from others, knowing what one is thinking and feeling. 

The Pituitary Glands
This gland is the size of a pea and is located behind the centre of our forehead, between the two eyes. This is the gland that is known as the master gland because it is the gland that sends messages to all the other glands, and is responsible for a whole heap of vital functions. Including, regulation of the thyroid, stimulates cell division and milk production, ovulation, testosterone, and regulates sexual development.
It is also known to work in conjunction with the pineal gland to open the third eye. It is he gland connected to: Feminine energy - life is seen with love, assertive but not aggressive, understanding and creativity. Insight - The wisdom from within without being taught.  Intuition - A knowing in the "gut". A natural feeling that is felt in the mind, body or spirit. Harmony - Being in unity and agreement with life and people.

Clearing the Third Eye Chakra
Meditate – This may just be the best way to clear this chakra and balance it. One can just take a few moments each day to sit and relax, focusing your attention on the third eye.
Indigo – Is the colour that vibrates in harmony with this chakra, so wear indigo or dark blue. Gaze at pictures that display this colour, or light a indigo candle.
Visualise - Bring in a healing indigo radiant light directly into the third eye and visualise it healing and clearing this energy centre.
Crystals – Amethyst, Sapphire, Purple fluorite, sugalite, clear quartz, Azurite, purple apatite
Music - Play classical music. 

Use essential oils - Such as Hyacinth, Violet, Rose Geranium.

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