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The Chakras- An Overview

The chakras are a spinning vortex of energy that both takes up and collects energy and transforms and passes on the energy to our physical bodies and aura. The prana or life force is vital for our physical bodies, without which we could not function. The chakra is the gateway for this energy into our physical bodies.
Chakras draw in energy to help us with learning the lessons that we wish to gain in this lifetime. But we must keep in mind that the chakras can get blocked up with emotions, fears and anxieties. After looking individually at each chakra we are now aware what area of our bodies, mind or spirit may need work. It is so much easier for you to deal with issues when they arise to ensure you do not suffer more than you need to.

Movement of Energy through the Chakras
The Chakras are stacked up upon each other and the energy moves both up and down the spine. The energy flowing up the spine is the liberating current. It frees you and you feel less bound the higher you go, or the more you awaken. The energy flowing down is the manifesting current where the energy gains density as it travels downward until it manifests into physical form.
There is also movement of horizontal energy into each chakra. These currents are responsible for expression and reception of energy in our interaction with the world and each other.
If these currents are blocked either vertically or horizontally we may have trouble expressing or receiving, liberating or manifesting. If this is so, then our life becomes compromised.

After looking at each individual chakra and the connection each energy vortex has with our physical body, we have opened ourselves up to the knowledge that we are all responsible for our own mind, body and spirit in a much more dynamic way than what we may have believed before we started studying the chakras. As we grow and develop spiritually and come to the awareness of how our energetic system works it is hard for each of us to go back to our old ways and shut off the warning systems to make deeper life changes.

What we have come to know is that we are a mind, body and spirit and each system has to be cared for and nurtured in order to work in an optimal way.  If one only cares for the physical body through exercise, good diet but neglects the mind and spirit, then we cannot be balanced and well. We may eventually suffer from illness or other challenges on our life’s path.

We are very special important souls, who have chosen to incarnate on this planet at this time. We are loved unconditionally and we owe it to ourselves and the planet to live the best life we can. We are love, we are connected, and we are one. We breathe the same air, we share the same space, and we came from the same source. When you take care and love yourself then you are taking care of everyone and the planet. For you are the light and when you shine brightly you are healing mankind and healing the planet. There is no separation. Take responsibility for yourself and your life will flourish. The more people that live this way, the more the human race will learn to live in peace and harmony.

Intelligence, Knowledge and Guidance.
You are connected to source through our Chakras. We are not separate, EVER. You have access to unlimited knowledge, creativity and an abundance of cosmic intelligence and guidance. By studying the chakras and learning how to connect to source and ground to earth, we have an infinite source of all we need at our finger tips. The more we arm ourselves with the information and tools to access our higher selves the more we can ride the highs and lows of life with balance, harmony and peace. Think of yourself like a tree that bends with the wind but stays strong and secure in the trunk.

A Quick Overview
·        *  Chakra means “wheel of Light”
·         * The chakras support the functions of our physical and spiritual bodies
·         * We have 7 major chakras and minor chakras in your hands, feet and in every joint in your body and placed all around you in your aura.
·         * The chakras are connected to each other through a network that forms a vast circulation system for universal energy
·         * In a healthy state the chakras will spin evenly and quickly and each one will glow brightly with the particular colour of the light spectrum.
·        *  A weak, stressed or tired chakra can feel very sluggish or have a very unbalanced, elliptical spin. With your mind’s eye you may see a dull or dark chakra, rather than the lovely bright colours it should ideally be.

  Lower Chakrasthe first three chakras deal with external reality: how secure and stable your life is, how you fit into your community and how to express your individuality.
1.       Root Chakra (RED)brings grounding and security
2.       Sacral Chakra (Orange) equips you to go with the flow and taste all life has to offer
3.       Solar plexus (Yellow) empowers you with the energy you need to function efficiently.
·         Middle Chakras – Deal with your internal reality
4.       Heart Chakra (green/Pink) governs the energy of love and compassion, enabling you to express love (or blocking its expression)
5.       Throat Chakra (Blue) deals with communication and equips you to take in information and express yourself.
6.       Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) is the seat of wisdom. Your mind’s eye sees your dreams and directs you to them.
·         Highest Chakra
7.       Crown Chakra (White, Gold, and Violet) deals with the ultimate reality and infinite potential.

Developmental Stages of the Chakras
The chakras evolve sequentially, from the bottom to the top along with our chronological age. It is sometimes necessary for the next chakra phase to begin in order for the one below it to complete.
Developmental Stage
Life Lesson
Sacramental Significance
Womb- 12 months
6 months- 2 years
Building relationships
18 months- 4 years
Solar Plexus
Personal Power
4-7 years
Heart Chakra
Unconditional Love
7-12 years
Third Eye
The Last Rite

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