Saturday, 2 March 2013

Soul Psychology

As spiritual development pupils, there are many aspects about who we are that we must consider and understand as we discover our soul journey.  We are searching for inner peace, a wholeness within our being, a connection to all that is which ultimately is our life purpose.

Mankind in general has been very distracted. There has had an obsession with material expansion at the expense of focusing on their spiritual development and mankind has failed to see the degree to which an individual’s relationship to the spiritual self affects his or her spiritual life.  In other words if we are not right with ourselves, then every relationship in our lives is compromised including our work, family and most importantly Divine Source.   

There are three levels of self-actualisation – the personality level, the soul level and the monadic level. The monadic is the part of self that is one with the universe. One of the basic beliefs underlying soul psychology is that we can choose between two ways of thinking in the world. We can think from the negative ego mind- self centered and dualistic, separated from the Divine, and based on fear – or we can think from the spiritual mind. Traditional psychology tries to heal us from within the negative ego’s web. 

It is essential to understand that the negative ego is the one real problem that affects us all. The negative ego does not interpret experiences in our lives as lessons, challenges or gifts.  Rather, it curses or gets angry when its attachments/expectations are not met.  The negative ego is the root of all negative emotions, all negative thoughts, all negative behaviours, all relationship problems and poverty consciousness (lack of money and real success).

Anytime we get out of balance, the negative ego is the cause. We have to decide which voice we are going to listen to.  Will we listen to the voice of fear and separation or the voice of perfect love and union? Will we listen to the voice of self-centeredness or that of selfless love?  Through our thoughts our emotions and behaviour are magnetised into our lives. If we allow negative ego to dominate us, then we will create a negative reality for ourselves, we will attract negative elements into our lives, and all these negative influences will only make us feel and believe and behaviour more in a negative manner. 

Most of humanity still longs for inner peace, happiness and success, yet they have not been instructed on how to become masters of their subconscious minds.  Nor do they understand how to integrate the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds, balance their four bodies (spiritual, mental emotional and physical. They don’t realise how “cause” and “ effect “  influences their circumstances.  

Humanity has fallen short of this mark because what we most need to learn is not taught in schools, at home, or in our church. Most counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers don’t yet fully understand the basic principles of soul psychology. Most of them are doing great work and should be commended; however, they have not moved into the realm of soul psychology. Because of this, many remain stuck in the negative ego. They are taught that they cannot transcend the negative ego but must adjust to it. It is simply not true that you cannot transcend the negative ego.
If you are wondering why your personal relationships sometimes feel like they are being conducted more on a field of battle than on a field of unconditional love, then we have much to learn. If your emotional and mental bodies have you swinging like a pendulum instead of feeling steady in a state of inner peace and contentment, again we have much to learn.

If you’re eager to heal and learn your lessons in this life, then you are on your way, as the following classes will be for all those who wish to properly integrate and synthesize the spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of self into a comprehensive, unified whole. What you must realise is that you can work out in a gym every day, eat healthfully, and run three times a week, but until you are the master of your subconscious mind, emotional body and negative ego, you are still not complete. You can not truly be healthy by concentrating on just one level, whether it is the physical, the spiritual or the psychological. You must address and work with each on a daily basis. Synthesis and integration are the keys. 

We know that the subconscious mind exerts control over much of our reality.  We are to open our soul eyes so that we can see the unconscious aspects of self that lead to inappropriate actions and put us on the merry go round of unsatisfactorily patterned and programmed behaviour.  Even among the most advanced light workers on the planet, this rift still prevails.

To regain control over our non-reasoning subconscious, we must retain our personal power and resist using it in service to the negative ego. This is one of the most important processes to employ while on our spiritual path. We can never truly realise life purpose and our relationship to Source until the conscious mind masters the subconscious mind. Please remember that whenever you allow your subconscious mind to control you, you have handed over the reins to the negative ego. 

Eg.  A mother who wants to treat her child with respect and unconditional love but resorts to ranting and raving has surrendered herself to the negative ego.  Someone who joins a gym but doesn’t work out, starts a diet but eats the wrong foods, or claims to forgive a wrong done to him but still holds a grudge is within the negative ego’s grasp.  These splits among the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious minds afflict many people, from those oblivious to the spiritual path to the most advanced and sincere light workers. In fact the more advanced we become, the more our unconscious surfaces and the more our negative ego needs to be purified. 

Next class we will discuss the negative ego further, how our thoughts create our reality and to find the truth in exactly how balanced are we. We will also learn to create positive habits through our sub conscious. 

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