Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Looking at perception

It has been a hot topic of late. I have spoken to a few different people in regards to different situations – and of course looking at my own experiences in the last week – I can identify clearly with the association of the thought process and how it alters what we perceive.

What we perceive in any situation, regardless of what that situation may consist of or which area of life it is, directly impacts our experience as a result of how it was perceived.  To be specific it’s the emotions that are experienced which result in the perceptions you hold.

YOUR perception of something is an observation, interpretation, or a mental image that you hold with regard to some event, condition, or circumstance. In other words it is how you SEE things in the world around you that moulds, shapes and determines your individual perception.

In reality a perception is merely the effect of any given belief. That perception is merely an individualized awareness based on a belief that you have established. If the belief is flawed or self limiting... the perception that you hold with regard to the belief held will be flawed and self limiting as well. And the results that you experience will correlate precisely with what you "perceive" to be true.

We are fed by information systems, which are influenced by our emotion, in turn programming the subconscious mind.  From early childhood programming, even from within the womb, we believe what the outside information system is feeding us.  There comes a time, when we need to be responsible, filtering through the information and finding our own truths.  Through self awareness of who we truly are (expanding our own perceptions beyond smell, taste, sight and feeling), we embrace our Higher Truths and we can then reprogram the way we perceive things through our own free will. Not what someone in society has instilled, but fully making choices for our higher self. 

By developing this understanding and establishing it as a firm belief, and then fully expressing heartfelt gratitude for the growth that you are experiencing, you will become empowered to begin attracting more of those outcomes that are pleasing rather than more of that which you would rather not experience.

The point that should be noted is that how you perceive your life to be is precisely what you will attract to you and how you will experience life in the physical realm.  Find good in ANY situation. Develop the unshakable awareness that ALL things (regardless of what they are or how they may APPEAR at the time) YOU are creating and that ALL happen for a "greater good"... a greater purpose.

Reflect into your own life. Are you experiencing an abundance of money? Do you enjoy great physical health? Are your relationships, fulfilling, satisfying and mutually rewarding? Are you blaming someone else for how you feel or what you experience?  Regardless of how you may have answered those questions, whatever is happening in the present, whatever events, conditions, or circumstances you are currently experiencing in your life are based on a perception that you hold or have held at some point in the past. Change your perceptions about what reality is and your reality will change.

No two people see the external world in exactly the same way. To every separate person a 'thing' is what he thinks it is – in other words, not a thing, but a think – Penelope Fitzgerald, The Gate of Angels.

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