Thursday, 12 July 2012

Safe Channelling

Channelling isn’t something new age; it has been around for thousands of years.  There are many references in the Bible referring to the “Holy Ghost” or “Holy Spirit” – I see it as an expression of channelling. 

With our open awareness, we all engage in channeling – which is opening the Crown chakra – without realization every time we even think about Angels and our own unique set of Spirit Guides.  We trust that we receive loving guidance that supports our soul purpose. Working with this league is working with the Light, but everything is made up in duality – positive and negative – and for this reason I can’t express enough why it is so important to keep our energy space clear and positive at all times.

While not obvious to the naked eye, filth can be deposited in our energy space from other sources. 

I know that when I feel down, depleted and exhausted, I am unintentionally putting myself and my loved ones at risk.  I have learned the hard way, to constantly check in with how the energy around me is feeling, particularly the space where we meditate or where I work.  There are so many outside influences that affect our space and our being.  I encourage everyone to adopt the habit of checking in. 

Do people realize that when there is any form of negativity in their life, being physical, mental or emotional they are putting themselves at risk?  Negativity lowers our personal vibration – simple everyday habits like feeling exhausted through trying to conquer too much or maybe even the way we conduct ourselves through personal activities or in business.  All these lower acts of self-love and poor integrity lower our personal vibration, therefore allowing things of a similar vibration to invade.

Everyday life can be really busy, we become distracted with so much to do and little time to do it all. Begin the process of prioritizing what is the most important. 

We know that all things are made of energy and we know that “like” attracts “like”  So if your character is influenced by negativity – BEWARE.  Too much alcohol and using drugs is a real concern.  These people who are likely to engage in these activities are at HIGH RISK and unknowingly are OPENLY UNPROTECTED  to negative entities.  

There are different degrees of entities. Depending on the circumstances you may need help from a professional to rid the entity.  Smudging should be a regular practice, and positive influences – physical and mental – are also powerful for protection.  The Light is far more powerful and is a tool in itself.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED AT ANYTIME.  Pay attention to what you see or how you feel.  These “dark” energies have no human essence about them, nor are they caring for the human host.  The presence will be low vibrational!  Draining and uncomfortable.  You may notice it around other people, so be aware of the company you keep.

Common Signs of “Dark” entities:  
·       Shadowing occurs when the negative entity is outside its host, but near the host’s aura and body.
·       Dominations begin if a negative spirit or entity is within the auric field of the person. A change in who the person is evident in their emotions and behavior.  They are noticeably different.
·       Domination occurs when the negative being invades the physical body of its host.  Bringing in its own personality traits and habits, with the person becomes very confused and lost.
·       Possession happens when the invader completely forces out the resident person’s psyche and takes control of the physical body through which it exhibits its own words.  There may be transitions between possession and obsession at this point.

A lot can be said when looking into a person’s eyes ... you will also find that if anyone has a “dark energy” and you are of the “light” they will have difficulty facing you.

These beings from the dark side will start to influence the thoughts and actions of these persons.  Depression, suicidal thoughts and other negative feelings will become stronger within the individuals as the negative spirits gain a greater hold upon them.  If you can see the auric field of these people it will develop a dirtier appearance. 

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all you ways … Psalms 91:11

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