Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Just Be!

Stop . . . and look at where you are at right now!   
Since you began to accept your spiritual path, look at how your perception has altered. Realization of your soul is the beginning.  Finding the “freedom” that comes with acceptance of “soul purpose” is another step to evolving.   
The biggest obstacle to freedom is US!
We spend far too much time being  “left brained” looking at logics and being concerned about every day stuff,  like expectations, ours and those of others.  Our perceptions often distorted.  
We need to learn to live in a state of “being” which is our deepest  true self, where life force energy  can flow through us connecting us from the physical plain through all the plants, animals and everything else that is and back through the cosmos directly to Source.  There is no need to force things to happen, if its within the contract, by just “being” everything falls into place.    
So, what is simply “being”?
You can not mentally interpret it, because you put thought into it.  It is the stillness of “now”.  It can be felt.  Find the empty spot in your head – that is it!  Our mind is a superb instrument if used rightly, however, can be destructive when wrongly used. The truth is your mind uses you!  So beware.
The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not the possessing entity – the thinker.   Recognize the thinker.    The moment you start watching “the thinker” a higher level of consciousness becomes activated.  You begin to separate your self from your mind, you awaken to all that is! Love, creativity, joy, inner peace all arise from beyond your mind.
When you just BE, you realize the more dots that you connect the more vivid the pieces of the “bigger picture” become apparent. Be patient, insight will come to you with Divine order.  What you will notice first is the synchronicity of life experiences. To just BE, find the stillness in your mind, where there is an inner guidance called intuition.  It is the way to discover what the wisdom of your higher-self has to offer for you.  And surprisingly, many of the journeys led by intuition will enable you to really do what you enjoy doing, something that many describe as “going with the flow of the universe”.
An excellent way to encourage this intuition is through experiencing the stillness – as in a meditation.  Calm the mind, becoming quiet and relaxed.  In fact, it can be doing anything where you experience calmness and an activity where you can empty your thoughts.  When surrounded by calmness and stillness, without expecting anything, intuition will make its voice heard. It could be a sudden thought that pierces your mind or a gut feeling evolving from within. 
With experience, you will perceive the way that intuition – or your inner voice – makes itself noticed and you then begin to appreciate its guidance throughout your day to day life.  Sudden thoughts are a tell tale sign for your intuition. It is important to differentiate between the supportive voice of intuition and your no so supportive ego. 

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