Monday, 16 July 2012

Grounding . . .

There are just some days l fall into a heap, mainly through frustration, not just with myself, but those around me. Feeling under appreciated, over tied, possibly out of whack, emotional, mentally and spiritually.  

Very recently, one of my good friend neighbours called in and she noticed I looked weary.  So, I explained how and why I felt the way I did. Very understanding she elaborated on some of her own personal experiences. We have been close friends since our children were early school age, and have been very aware of the progressive growth in one another.   

A teacher of a different kind, she said we tend to take on far too much at times as we become experts at what we do best, so we adopt more challenges because this is within our character to do so. Sometimes, we just need time to step back and smell the roses!   

I know this to be very true and I felt a strong urge to go out and garden, not to smell the roses literally but to get my hands dirty and feel the nurturing aspects of the earth as I know for me, it brings me peace. She explained that her method of coping is to practice a physical method of grounding by taking the dogs for a walk, not for the exercise but to find clarity in her mind and emotion.  

She learned to surrender to her Spirit this way.  She began to notice the messages which were in nature, from finding a feather to reading the rainbow message in the sky was confirmation that all would be taken care of and was proven time and time again. Again, knowing this to be true, sometimes it’s a good friend, or a song that will remind us and reflect back what we teach so again we can continue to learn and grow.

On waking this morning I asked my Spirit the question  “What is grounding really all about”? As fast as I had thought it, I sensed a strong visualization of a lightning bolt entering via my Crown, through me and into the ground. It felt like my chakras were all synchronised and aligned, connected to not just the earth but to the universe above. Followed with a message that you need to be alive in the present moment and truly be responsible for your “essence of being”.  I knew this message referred to being responsible for my Spirit in the present. Just for the record, I feel in the physical world that I am one of the most responsible, reliable characters you can find, but this is not the message. It was the realization of the lessons we have come to learn. I could see the truth in why I felt they way I had.  I can’t blame others –  it is my soul lessons.    

We can talk about being grounded, we can get connected and for most it is a temporary connection. Ultimately, grounding is the acceptance for the commitment you made to realign the soul before incarnating.  It is about the acceptance of the lessons for the soul, so we may elevate towards enlightenment.     

Tell tale signs of requiring grounding is becoming distracted, frustrated, angry, negative, stressed and overwhelmed by life –  not living in true essence of your soul. This is when we don’t listen and honour the spirit because of the outside ego influences.

Simply put, it is one thing to talk about being grounded, to do grounding gestures, but unless we are soul aware and aligned from morning to night and anytime in between, all of this work is only temporary. 
Presently Mother Earth is realigning, and to be grounded is also to realign with the energies from above and below. It is actually a very powerful experience. It is best to find a way to ground that resonates with who you are so it becomes a natural way of life and not something you have to do because you are told to “ground yourself”.

To begin with some common techniques are:
  • Imagine an earth connected tree with a root system growing from the base of your spine or bottom of your feet going all the way down to the center of the earth, connecting you to “Mother Earth”. 
  • Electrical Cord from the base of your spine, plugging in and connecting to Earth Energy.  Just like a house’s electrical circuit connects to Earth.
  • You can imagine high vibrational colours coming in from the crown down, exiting from the root chakra down in the earth below. 
  • Silver Cord Exercise around the body and anchoring down into the earth.
  • Wearing Crystals that help with grounding.
  • Open your awareness and connection to nature. Gardening, walking and sitting in nature.

Ultimately, find a method that suits you, it may be unique to you, given to you by your guides or angels.   Allow it to become an instinct not just some process that you have to think about. It is our natural state to be connected to the earth physically and etherically.  It keeps us energized, it keeps our spirit and body integrated, it allows us to realize our full potential as human beings.  It is as basic as brushing your teeth every day, taking a shower and eating!  It will help you be discerning, it will keep you from being attacked, it will keep you focused and alert. 

If you are serious about getting back in touch with your soul,
I fully recommend Echarkt Tolle’s  “The power of Now” or  “New Earth”. 
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