Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Power of Pure Intent.

POWER, PURE and INTENT! What do these very important words mean?

Power means – Your capacity to do something, your strength, your control and influence.
Pure means  - Free from contamination, complete and clear.
means – Your plan or purpose, your state of mind, your determination.

So when we put those words together we are saying, the power of intent is your
desire (focused energy) to bring about a particular result with a clear positive objective. Your motivation is the power behind the force that drives your intent.

When looking at our truth, who we are and who we want to be, examining our intention and the power we put behind our intention becomes crucial. When you are on the spiritual journey asking yourself these very basic questions helps you understand how to move closer to being in alignment with source energy, and that which moves you further away from source. When you connect to source it energies everyone around you and it changes the energy of this planet.

How Do Intentions lead me Closer to My Divine Self?

Intentions enable you to be in alignment with your spirit. When you choose pure intentions you walk a path each day to become a better version of yourself.  Living an illusion of having pure intent, (that is, acting like your intent is pure but not having matching positive feelings), will only lead to a path of resistance. Resistance is when your intent is not matching up with source energy. Source energy is everything that is good, feels good and is good. When you don’t match, then obstacles will start cluttering your path. Being in alignment with source allows everything you desire to happen.

Be Aware of Intentions In your Environments

Start looking at what the intention is behind every thing you expose yourself too. Is it a good intention? What is the intention of the things in your environment, the shows you watch on TV, the music you listen to, the books you read, your friends and loved ones? Choose things in your life that have good intentions. If the intention is not good than it will lower your energy.

How to Choose your Intentions?

For you to live a life with pure intentions you must choose the options that come to you that support your soul. When you have the intention to do something, ask yourself, is it out of love for yourself and for others, is it kind, is it truthful, is it creative and will it attract abundance to my life. Also question if it does allow you to see the expansiveness of who you are, and will it attract ideal people into your life.

A good time to set your intentions for the day is first thing when you wake in the morning. How do you want your day to flow? You might set the intention to be kind to everyone you encounter for that day. Or you may intend to stand still in your mind every few hours and "just be".
When you wake up tomorrow, what intentions will you set for your day?

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