Sunday, 7 July 2013

Our Souls Purpose Working With our Ego

Over the past few months we have spent some time doing the ground work to connect you all to “who we really are”. We have learnt the tools of grounding, protecting and meditating. We have learnt that we are energy and have sensed energy as well as identified our spirit and even touched on the seven universal laws. After practicing all these tools and accumulating this knowledge, we would like to now take time to help identify your true self and your life’s purpose without the distraction of the ego.

What Is The Ego?

Our Ego is our self-image; it is not our true self. It tries to pretend that it is our true self by labelling us, by defining and evaluating, judging and analysing. The ego has a job to do and that is to keep us safe. So it does this by trying to prevent us to try new ideas. The ego runs off limited beliefs and understandings, usually from what we picked up in our childhood. When the ego feels it is going to lose, it will fight and use any measure to keep you in the situation you are in. It will question you, doubt you, criticize you and judge you. The ego is very clever as it uses strategies and tactics to manipulate you. It makes you feel tired when your soul wants to start a new project. It wants to keep you stuck in your current reality to stop you progressing.
Many people are now questioning the ego and its use. It has served mankind for a few thousand years, but now the ego’s role is being questioned. Eckhart Tolle (Author of a New Earth and The Power of Now) believes that the ego has outlived its usefulness and now it needs to go. He says, “We are in the transition phase from one state of consciousness to another and the ego is beginning to dissolve”.

What Is Our Purpose?

Our purpose is not a position or profession but can be expressed in your work. Our purpose is when we are living our truth. At any given moment we are on the right path. There is no wrong way, just different paths to reach the top of the mountain. You know you are on the right path following your purpose when you are not putting yourself in the position of betraying yourself. It’s a place where you are not compromising who you are for anyone or anything. It all just feels right.
Caroline Myss, author of many spiritual books, explains that living your purpose doesn’t cost you anything. It doesn’t cost your power, it doesn’t cost you your soul, it’s not costing your psyche, you’re not confused, not drained and it’s when you are not losing yourself. And the reason why any of these things would be happening is because you are betraying yourself.

How Does Our Ego Interfere With Our Purpose?

It is important to understand that ego and our purpose can be very connected. When we struggle to move forward when we so desperately want too, we need to check in with what our ego is saying to us. The only way to move through our ego is too become self-aware. Be aware of our thoughts, our words, our behaviours and our feelings. Remember that when we move toward a new idea or goal, our ego will keep trying to keep us stuck. When we are stuck we cannot keep moving in the direction of our life’s purpose.

Working Together With Our Ego and Our Souls Purpose:

Many of us live our lives sometimes on the path of our purpose, and some of the time being controlled by our ego. As we shift to a new consciousness we need to learn to work with our ego so that we can continue to awaken. When you are living your true self you are not identifying yourself with any form, such as how big your house is, the car you drive, the job you do or the money you make.
To work with your ego in today’s world it might be a good idea if we treat it with respect. Acknowledge and thank it for the job it does to keep us safe. Thank it for a different point of view on your situation. Negotiate with you ego and work in partnership. When we try to do this, it will lead way to eliminate the fight that will eventuate between our true self and our ego if we move forward without consulting it.
Our spirit never demands to be or do something special. It only encourages us to be and do what we love. It’s not so much the action itself that makes something purposeful as it is the vibration that the action creates. If it creates a loving one, continue. If not, stop and re- examine what you are doing.
We are all gifted in our own right, part of the Divine contract. Only the ego puts value on these gifts, where in actual fact no gift is more important than any other. So whether you are a brilliant musician or a cleaner, no gift is any greater than your own. In the Divine mind, claiming, valuing and then sharing yours completely, without hesitation or interference from your ego, is one of the greatest and simplest secrets to loving yourself and living your spirit. What you love is your purpose.

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