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We have talked about protection many times over the years. But it is so important to refresh what we know because no matter how good you become at protecting yourself, there will always be times when you need a boost. Protection needs to be automatic. You are responsible for “you”. 

What are we protecting? Our homes? Our cars? Our children? Our animals? Of course, we naturally protect all these things, but we need to go further. As a first priority we need to protect ourselves. If we get this right along with grounding ourselves daily, than we can move through the world experiencing an engaged life with clarity and direction. The need to protect our space that we most use, like our homes, workplace and cars is also crucial.

What am I protecting myself against? Simple, you are protecting your energy from that which is a lower vibration than your own. Some people choose to carry with them negative thought patterns, fear, anger, resentment etc. – all things that are lower in vibration. There are some who will deliberately send you negative energy. There are places we visit that hold energy from the events that have previously happen in that space. Can you remember an experience or situation that has left you feeling drained, angry, depressed, tired, sick or left with the feeling that you have been invaded? If you answered yes to any of these feeling, chances are your energy field has been invaded. For those that are sensitive or vulnerable, they are subject to allowing these energies in or too close to their personal energy field and this is done unknowingly. Your responsibility is not necessarily to work out who and why, but to learn to protect and maintain a higher frequency so these lower vibrations don’t have an affect on you.

How do we open ourselves up to psychic attack? Vulnerability…. feelings that feel “bad” are a common way to make you vulnerable to psychic attack. These include fear, guilt, anger, hate, and jealousy to name a few. Drugs and alcohol also lower your guard and make you vulnerable. Losing control of your force field is dangerous. Physical disease in your body or crisis can open you up to attack especially if you need medication.

How do I protect myself? Start with a strong positive loving attitude and also be responsible for yourself.  It is very hard for negative energies to penetrate a positive happy energy field. Secondly, trust you intuition or ‘gut’ instincts. Because most people cannot see energy, we need to trust our guts. If it feels bad, then move away. Your energy field is able to pick up a disturbance and sends a message to your intuition. Pay attention and learn to trust this feeling, for feelings do not lie.

How to Protect my Environment? It is so important to protect your space that you live, work and where you meditate. Things like fluorescent lights and equipment generate huge electromagnetic fields. Over time, even with the best personal protection, a negative place is going to deplete your energy. Some strategies to clear the energy include smudging, singing bowls, large crystals placed in the room to absorb the energy, live plants, angels asked to protect your space, burning incense and candles to name a few. Always remember to protect your mode of travel. Surround your car in a bubble of white light and picture the road you will travel as a white light highway. Ask that all travellers on the road be kept safe and protected.

How Can I relate the need for Protection to my Spiritual Growth? The most important thing to remember is that we are beings of light. We have all come from the light and we will all return to the light. We are all one, and when we understand this then we can live from the heart. We are here on our beautiful planet earth to experience and evolve.     We are here to learn from one another and we can choose to do better when we have the tools.

Try these protection strategies….

Violet flame Use the violet flame of Saint Germaine with a decree to transmute and send the negative energy back to its source.
Crossing your solar plexus Fold your arms across your solar plexus and cross your ankles to block the incoming energy.

Bubble Centre yourself and ground your energy then surround yourself in a big strong bubble. Imaging that this bubble is coated in a colour or crystal of your choosing and filled with the white light. See energy hitting the bubble and just bouncing off.
Wear a Crystal Wear a protection crystal such as Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Hematite, Amethyst or Carnelian around your neck to protect your energy.
Mirrors Surround yourself with mirrors facing outwards so that anything directed towards you will be reflected back.
Sending Love Ground and balance yourself. In your minds eye, picture the person you are having problems with. Send this person love. If negative thoughts come forward, gently send them away. Focus again on the person and send them your love. Remember, they came from the light just like you.
Angels Ask for protection from the angel realm. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection.  

The wonderful thing about our universe is that it gives us the opportunity to practice. If we don’t deal with a situation well, the universe will send it to us again. As we evolve or ascend we have the opportunity to handle our life in a better way, with more love and understanding than the last time we experienced that challenge. Thank the universe for this opportunity and try to understand why this experience keeps coming to you.

By practicing protection we are more able to live in our truth. It is so important to be who you really are…in every moment… of every day, so you do not miss the opportunities that life presents.

I am a Spiritual being, protected by angels, helped by guides and infinitely loved and supported by the universe.

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