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For a moment, imagine our existence without colour….feel the difference in vibration?

Colour is a very effective tool for meditation, visualizations and healing. As energy beings, we can sense the vibration of colour. Even people or animals who have a sight impairment or have difficulty perceiving colour, can sense the vibration of colour.

Some science about colour:
Colour comes directly from light energy and each colour has its own wavelength/vibration. For whatever is exposed to the different wavelengths of colour frequency there is a ‘cause and effect’ reaction.

There is a reason why things appear in particular colours. The colour of anything we observe depends upon a few factors. Firstly, everything is made up of electrons and atoms, which move in various frequencies. How something will look when bathed in light is governed by these frequencies. Any object, when exposed to light reacts with the result of a wide spectrum of colours that we can perceive. 

There are many reasons why things are the colour they are, but mainly it is due to the absorption and scattering properties of the material differing from that of the incoming wavelengths of the light that illuminates it.

The practicality of colour:
Colour is another free tool we have to induce healing and regeneration of our selves.   This tool has been used for centuries, to stimulate healing on all levels – in areas of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Colour varies in vibration from low to high frequencies.  The lower frequencies relating to our physical survival – grounding through to our personal power  (darker and denser colours like black, brown, red, orange, yellow) to our high frequencies relating to our spiritual nature – (light and bright colours such as magenta, blues and purples.)

The colours you are exposed to will and do affect your energy.   You know how you feel on a bright sunny day compared to dark stormy day. Colours of the clothes you wear tell a story about your energy therefore its also easy to read a person’s energy based on the colour of their clothing.  In your home you can choose the colours for different areas; reds stimulate excitement, yellow creativity and green a sense of calm.   Eating particular colours in our food; for example, an orange resonates with the sacral chakra – it will help balance relationships, finances and reproductive organs.  

So colour is not just an object of delight to our sense of sight, but a very interesting step into changing our well-being on all levels. You will automatically be attracted to certain colours through your subconscious, or you can consciously choose colours to correct and balance your vibration so you are healthy and happy.

Resonating with colour:
Naturally, we are already aware of the colours we are drawn to; as you also know which colours you dislike or are repulsed by.

Colour can be used as a healing modality.  It is a truly holistic, non-invasive and powerful form of healing which dates back thousands of years. Evidence of this can be found in ancient texts from India, China and Egypt.
Colour should be a part of our everyday life, not just something we experience in our class room.  Colour is all around us. This wonderful planet does not contain all the beautiful colours of the rainbow without reason. Nature and its colours are not simply here by chance, everything in nature is here for a purpose and colour is no exception.   All we need to do is to heighten our awareness of the energy of colour, and it can transform our lives.
Colours in our homes and workplaces:
Be aware of the desired effects required to suit your well being and desired life style.  The warm colours, red, orange and yellow are warm alive colours with a focus on our physical being.   The blues, greens and violets are cool, calming and create the illusion of space and lightness. 
·      Red is suitable for areas of physical activity, gyms, and play areas.
·      Orange is great for entertainment, studies and communications as orange accentuates an interest in associations and relationships.  It activates the intellect enabling one to focus and concentrate.
·      Yellow is lively but fresh and can be used anywhere in the house.  Great to use in study or library as yellow will stimulate the intellect.
·      Green is a peaceful and serene colour, fantastic for rooms of relaxation, rest or even a kitchen, as it will help with creativity and focus in the preparation of food.
·      Blue creates tranquility. Ideal for bedrooms, and small rooms. Light blue will create spaciousness and light.
·      Violet has the tendency to accept nothing at face value, and so it is beneficial in libraries or study rooms. It helps with concentration and focus.  Also ideal for healing rooms and meditations rooms.
What colours do we like to wear?
Have you noticed what colours you are drawn to buy or wear over and over? These colours reflect our personalities.   Subconsciously we reflect what we are feeling each day by the colours we choose from our wardrobe.    From now on, make a note on how you feel when you wear particular colours.    Below is some insight as to what our clothing colours reflect from our energy.   You may consciously wear what you wish to project or create for yourself.
RED: When we wear red, we project an air of vitality, independence and individuality.    It may also project aggression and dominance.
ORANGE: Wearing orange reflects a happy, cheerful and conscientious image. 
GREEN: Produces an image of stability, balance and efficiency.  It appears calm, controlled and at peace.
BLUE: A tranquil colour that reflects patience and understanding.
CREAM: Projects versatility. An open minded person loves to wear cream.
GREY: Produces the image of judgement and aloofness; it also can project a critical air about us.
GOLD: Is perceived as open, approachable.  It wears well with black.
BLACK: Is a protective colour. It has mystery attached. It isn’t good to always wear black, as it may cut you off from communication and society, as it can be isolating.
WHITE: Is purity and openness.  Great to wear with all colours as it balances them.
Colours in what we eat in food:
By knowing more about colours, you can consciously choose the foods that will activate, relax or stimulate your energies in whatever way you wish.
If you know that you have a physical day ahead, eat the warmer colours relative to the task. If you have exams, or need to focus and concentrate, eat lots of yellow and blues. 
Red foods will stimulate the physical energies.

Orange foods will stimulate the intellect, balance the emotions and activate physical energy. 

Yellow foods induce aliveness mentally and physically. They help us be more focused and relaxed.

Green foods help us relax and unwind.  They balance our mental and emotional stress.  

Blue foods soothe mental and nervous tension. They have a sedating effect by relaxing our mind and emotions.

Violet foods create a sense of peace. They do stimulate thoughts and inspires one to study. 

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