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All crystals come in different forms or shapes and can be utilized in different ways to manifest what we require to bring in balance and harmony for self and our environment. 

From geodes to points, being aware of the shapes helps us to harness the unique power of crystals, especially the countless forms of Quartz.  Certain forms are natural others have been shaped.  

Crystal Points are very common tools used in healing self and others.  Here is a list of common ones, but there is many more.   

Abundance  - A crystal with smaller crystals attached to the base or side.   Excellent for fighting depression and recharging.  

Record Keeper – Naturally edged triangles on one or more faces.  The keepers of ancient knowledge and information. Helps to expand your personal data base.  Superb tools for meditation, they often can take you back to ancient times. 

Window Crystal – Diamond shape in face.acts as a “window to the soul” Clears your perception, and is great for accessing past lives.  Reminds you to be open minded and to let in the light. 

Rainbow Crystal – naturally flasheds the colours of the rainbow.  Brings peace and joy into your life.  Works in balancing all energy centres of the body.  A constant reminder that there is love and light in every moment. 

Scepter Crystal – Believed to have been worn and carried by priests/priestesses of Atlantis and Lemuria.  Reminds you of who you are and why you are here. 

Phantom – A crystal with another gas or mineral which has layered itself in imitation of the original point. Represents the many experiences one encounters in a life time.  Symbolizes universal awareness, and can facilitate access to past lives and spirit guidance. 

Laser crystal – Wand in shape.. slender with smaller faces and a wider base. Facilitates a refined communication with other worlds.  Excellent tool for energy or bribrational healing.  Focuses direct energy with accuracy and precision. 
Time Link Crystals  (above and below) –The properties of Window Quartz, plus: A Future Time Link Window is a stretched parallelogram shaped facet to the right side of the main crystal face. It helps stimulate right brain function and provides insight into future events.  Teaches patience and reminds you to give yourself time.  It helps stimulate left brain function and provides insight into past events.

Spheres - Many crystals have been shaped into spheres for Scrying tools – as reading the “crystal ball”.

Geodes – hold and amplify energy within themselves.  Cave like in shape, they are useful for protection and aid spiritual growth.

Pyramids – can be used to draw of negative energies and blockages from the chakras, replenishing with vibrant energy.   They enhance and focus the inherent properties of the crystal. 

Square Crystals -  consolidates energy within its form.  It is useful for anchoring intention and for grounding. 
Free Form shape crystals have no rigid internal organization.  They are strong acting and instant in their 

Egg Shape – confine and shape energy and can be used to detect and rebalance blockages in the body.  The more pointed end is useful reflexology or acupressure tool.  They make excellent ‘hand comforters” to use in times of stress. 

Clusters – radiators of energy into their environment and cab also absorb detrimental energy.  They can be programmed and left in place to do their work.  Especially useful for cleansing a room or other crystals, in which case the crystal should be left overnight on the cluster. 

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