Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Soul Contracts

Why are we here? What choices did I make before I arrived here on earth? What did I want to experience in this lifetime to grow as a soul? All these questions can be answered when looking into your own soul contracts.

What is a Soul Contract?
A soul contract is a predetermined contract with your higher self about what you are going to experience when you descend on the earth plane. You and your team of guides get together and talk about what experiences will best serve your souls growth. What is decided becomes your blueprint.

Do I Choose the Souls Who Will Assist My Growth?
You also decide what souls are going to assist you in your journey to experience growth. These are soul-to-soul contracts. Animals also have souls so they also can have contracts with you.  You have primary contracts with certain souls and you also have secondary contracts with other souls, who help support the primary contracts. Lastly, you also have individual contracts with yourself.

Am I going it Alone?
The contrast into this reality to what our souls know is huge. But we are not left alone. We are teamed up with guides and angels to guide us on our way, pointing us in the direction of our souls lessons.

The Gift of Free Will.
One of the greatest privileges we have here is that we also are given the gift of free will. We have the choice when we incarnate here to move in whatever direction that we choose. We are the captains of our own ship. It is often difficult when our lessons are strong and hard, and often we find it difficult to rise above the darkness to see the light? It all comes down to choice. We have the strength and ability to choose the light. We made the plan to experience what would show us how to be the light.

How you choose to live is totally up to you. Your free will is a gift. The most important thing to remember is that when your experiences are challenging, go within your heart and mind , find the truth in what is presented, and use your inner light, your guidance system, to shine your way out of the darkness.

Can I Do it all Wrong?
There are no wrong ways to learn the soul contracts. You cannot fail. If you choose not to experience your “lesson”, then your team will direct you again to have another opportunity to grasp the lesson.

There are souls on this planet that have agreed to show others how to experience their light. This is a contract that you have set up.  When we incarnate, our souls purpose might to be to experience what it is like to be the inflictor of pain on others. Or it might choose to experience being trapped in a physical body that cannot express their divinity in a physical way. We might also choose to be connected to a group consciousness that chooses to help cleans the planet and lift Gaia into ascension. All of these

Contracts are divine. Each person and experience comes from the place of divinity and unconditional love.

What is a Common Lesson That We All Choose to Experience When We Incarnate?
To remember who we are. To remember that we are pure, white, light that is experiencing what it feels like to not be the light, amidst all the challenges and confusion that we face daily. To remember we are all connected, and to remember that we are phenomenal souls. All of us. Not some of us, not some more than others, but all of us equally the same.

Being the Observer of Others Contracts.
Seeing a person playing out their role can be very disempowering to watch when the choices made do not resonate with who you are. What you can choose to do is to see this soul as a light that is weighed down by karmic ties that makes it challenging for them to move forward.  See the person with love and know that they have chosen this life path to experience what they need to experience. It is not your responsibility to control or save others. Work on your own contracts, be the light that you are and make choices that work with your souls lessons. When you live in your truth then this shines the way for others to be who they really are. Be a beacon in the dark for other souls to follow.

Living Through a Difficult Part of Your Soul’s Contract.
Some of you may question how to choose the light when everything around you is so dark. I’m sure we can all think of an experience or a time we have gone through, that has knocked us down so hard that we have no idea how to stand back up. I have been here and the advice that I can give to you, is to reach for the next best emotion that is heading towards the light.  If you can see where you need to be, but can’t possibly see a way to get there, then, take baby steps back to the light.

How Do I Identify My Souls Lessons?
Firstly we need to understand that soul contracts need to be worked through. Once they have been done, we can release them. Some may be released this lifetime, others not.

Secondly, raise your awareness to what patterns of behaviour or emotions are being triggered by certain people or situations. For example, do you always get upset around the issue of money? Do you experience anxiety when confronting authority figures? Are you longing for a relationship but time after time struggle to keep anyone in your life? Usually if a person or situation arouses a reaction in you, you can bet there is a soul contract in place.

Once you have the awareness of the contract then you can see things with more clarity. When you can see clearly, you will be able to make decisions to start to deal with the contracts head on. As you work through them, you can slowly begin to release the contract.

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