Thursday, 10 October 2013

Letting Go

There is one thing that is for certain and that is the world is in a constant state of change. Our lives are ever changing, growing and evolving.  Our life is a series of changing times, emotions, lessons and adventures. Change is what we can count on for sure. But to move with the changes in life, we have to live life free from the baggage (or lessons) of the past.
Sometimes the lessons in life that are presented to us are difficult. We can experience pain, trauma, heartache, confusion, distrust, disgust, fear and anger. One of the hardest lessons for us to learn in this life time is to let go of the past and practice forgiveness.
We all hold experiences that have given us the opportunity to grow on a soul level. It is the choices we make after our lessons that determine if we are going to move and change with the times or stay stuck in the past in an ever changing world.                                                                                                                                                                
What Am I Holding Onto?
When we look into our hearts we may see that there are things that we hold onto. Are we holding onto the past? Are we holding onto old emotions like fear or anger? Are we holding onto an old belief that no longer serves us? When we hold onto the past and it no longer serves us, we become blocked and stuck, inhibiting the ability to grow as souls.
Life is challenging and it is without question that we have the right to feel resentment and anger. We have the right to question, shout, cry and hide from the world for a while. But there is a choice. You can choose to stay locked into the past, giving all your power away to the circumstance and rob yourself of a future. Or, you can choose not to be a victim of circumstance, find forgiveness and walk without the past defining your future.

Acknowledge What You Need to Let Go Of?
Often we know exactly what we need to let go of. But sometimes we have done such a good job of hiding our pain from ourselves that over the years it is very difficult to identify what lies beneath the surface. What we can often recognize is the patterns of emotions, fears and struggles that play out in our lives. Our actions and behaviours often mimic the pain left behind from something we need to let go of. Be kind to yourself and take time to see the truth in your behaviours. You do not need to give your power away to your past.  When you can see patterns repeating, stop! Investigate the truth and set yourself free. Here are some common behaviours that we may need to let go of:
1.       Fears - Sometimes we have been afraid for so long that we are unable to see how afraid we really are. Are you staying away from people, places and opportunities? Do you talk yourself out

of new things to try? What are you really afraid of? Acknowledge your fears, see the truth in your behaviour, take a deep breath and release your fears. Ask yourself, “If I do this, will I get hurt?” If not, LET GO and jump into life with two feet. LIVE LIFE with JOY.

2.       Control - It is your decision to let people control you and have power over you. It may be obvious that they are wrong and you are right. You may feel the urgency to push your truth and win the battle. But this is also letting others control you. People will try and control you out of fear. But control is not a behaviour that comes from the place of love. As you awaken more on your spiritual journey, you will be more sensitive of peoples need to control you. All that is required of you is to see that behaviour for what it is…a blockage to love.

3.       Resistance - Resistance is also something many of us need to let go of. We resist new lessons by putting up a block. This block may be in the form of an old belief or an old feeling. Life is kind to us. If we don’t take the opportunity to learn the lesson it presents us, it will continue to bring us the lessons until we learn what we need to. Lessons are hard and we often resist the challenges it presents to us. As each lesson appears to us, ask yourself, “What do I need to learn”. Embrace the challenge, and break through the resistance. For what we resist persists.

4.       Resentment - Resentments are hurtful not only to yourself but also to the people around you. When you are living in a resentful way the energy of this negativity spews out into the lives of the people around you. The stronger the resentment the more powerful the energy is. Be aware of this painful, toxic energy. You are responsible for the direct negativity that flows onto others. Let go of resentment. Free yourself of the unhappiness and free those around you. Live in the light.

Forgiveness - Forgiveness from the heart is for your own benefit more so than anyone else’s. Pain, judgement, anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, resentment, negativity, and control are all behaviours and feelings that are from the dark or shadow side of you. When we live attached to these feelings and behaviours than we cannot live life with love and joy. We cannot be happy and fulfilled. We cannot live in the truth of who we really are.
Forgiveness releases us from the attachment to past pain and hurt. When we forgive we free ourselves from the control that the past has. Forgive yourself from past guilt, past behaviours, past people. Stop the judgements, stop the negativity, stop the anger, and stop the bitterness. Forgiveness is letting go. When we let go we move forward.

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but enlarges the future” Paul Boese

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