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Sensing Subtle Energy

Subtle energy is the life force energy field of a living thing that most people cannot see with the naked eye. All humans are all able to sense this energy. We are not going to teach you how to sense energy because you already do it all the time. We would like to use this time to remind you how to pay attention to it. It is so natural that most of the time we do not really think about how we actually do it.

Take a moment to remind yourself of a time that you have sensed energy without really paying attention to what you were doing.      
Some examples include -

  • Walking into a room and feel that you could cut the air with a knife.
  • Sitting in a cafĂ© and know who will accept a conversation from you and who won’t.
  • Sensing the mood of a friend before they speak.
  • Knowing that someone is staring at you from across the room.
  • Walking through a lush green beautiful park and sensing the ambience of the setting.
  • Walking in a shop and staying to look around or shooting straight back out the door again because of how it feels.

Think about how you know you are able to sense this? Do you know? 

The truth is we don’t really know, it is just a knowing, a feeling. Energy of this nature is subtle and we just incorporate it into our general understanding of the world. If we paid more attention to the energy around us we would be able to understand our world and ourselves better? So lets look at a few exercises that we can practice to make ourselves more aware of the ‘feeling’ of energy.  

Remember that the energy that we are sensing is subtle energy so don’t expect to feel a big push or force of energy. Be patient and aware of subtle differences in the energy field. 

Sensing Energy in our Bodies

To start, focus all your attention on your right hand until you feel the tingling, bubbling, or heat sensation in your hand. Keep focusing until you feel this energy. Then change your attention to your foot. Do the same, focus your attention till you feel the tingling. It amazing. By just focusing your attention you can feel it.

In the palm of our hands we have two energy centres. These are for giving and receiving energy.  Begin by shaking your hands vigorously then rubbing them together vigorously. Repeat this 3 times. Then hold you hands facing each other about 10 cms apart and feel the subtle presence. You may feel a tingling, a heat or coolness, bubbling type energy or maybe even a pressure. How you feel it is very individual to you. Practice this several times if you need to.

If you are comfortable ask a person near you if you can feel the energy from their body. Start by holding both palms towards the persons back about 10cm’s away. Move your hands back and forth to see if you can pick up their energy field. Ask other people nearby to feel their energy and see if you can compare the subtle differences between the energies. Always ask permission to engage with someone’s energy. Much information is stored in your aura and it can be an invasion of someone’s privacy.

Sensing the Energy of Plants                                                           

To sense the energy from a plant we are going to use the same techniques. Hold your hands 15 cm away. When practicing it is best to work with a plant, the same plant, each day for several days until you can confidently begin to notice its energy. Then you can try different plants as each plant and tree carries different energies. See if you can begin to notice the different energies of the different plants. You can also try this with trees as trees have a very strong life force. You can practice feeling the energy of the tree from 15cm to 1 metre away. While you are at it, try giving the tree a big hug and ask it for some healing for yourself. You will be surprised with how you feel afterward. 

Sensing the Energy of Crystals 

Crystals have amazing energy. But when you first start working with them you may not be able to feel it. But the really cool thing about crystals is that they speak to you in many ways. If you need a crystal it finds someway to fall into your life. There is often a good reason why different crystals come into your life at certain times. You might also find that you crystals get lost or misplaced. This is also a their way of communicating with you or their way of finding a way to be with another person. 

Here are a few ways you can begin to feel the energy of a crystal.

I find the easiest way is to have a crystal with a point. Hold the base of the crystal in one hand and direct the point of the crystal into the palm of your other hand. Pay attention to how your palm feels. Can you notice a tingling sensation? Can you feel pins and needles, or maybe even a coolness or heat?

Try slowly waving you hand over a larger crystal. See if you can feel the energy. Don’t worry if you can’t as you may communicate with it in a different way. 

Try holding the crystal and pay attention to how this crystal makes you feel. Do you feel peace, clarity, alertness, joy, anger or negativity?  If you feel yucky or uncomfortable holding this crystal this does not mean that the crystal is “bad”. It just means that it is bringing up something inside you that needs to be healed or released. 

The beautiful energies of crystals work differently for different people. If you would really like to discover crystals there is a great strategy that Hibiscus Moon (Author of Crystal Grids) recommends to try:

For three days do not wear or carry any crystals. At the end of each day journal everything about your day from your work place, family matters, dreams, sleep, interactions, diet and general feelings. On the fourth day carry one crystal all day and night with you for 3 days. Again document your days, noting your feeling, emotions, interactions, meditations dreams, and sleep e.t.c… 

What changes have you noticed? Repeat with different crystals or new crystals that you acquire. This way you will be able to determine how the crystal energies work with your energy and how they can assist in your life on a really personal level.

Have fun with energy. Incorporate exploring with it in every aspect of your day. Practice feeling it and noticing when you use it on a subconscious level. Enjoy the adventure.

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