Thursday, 13 June 2013

Peace of Mind through Living, Learning and Growing

What is the meaning of Life?
What is my purpose?
What is God?
What is reality?
Why am I here?
How did I get here?
Who and What am I?
What will happen when I die?
How can I experience abundance in the areas of health, wealth and happiness?

Have you spent time pondering these questions? Do you remember the questions you asked yourself before you walked into your first meditation class? If you have been coming to class a long time then ask yourself what other answers am I searching for?

Why ask these Questions?

All of us on the spiritual journey ask ourselves these questions and many more, because we know on some level that we are more than this body, this job, this family, this lifestyle. We all come together in this class because we are all searching to understand the fundamentals of who we really are. We are hoping to continue to lead you on a journey of discovery by introducing to you spiritual teachings, scientific discoveries and understandings and universal laws.

Can the study of Metaphysics lead to realization and awareness of what I am searching for?
Metaphysics is defined as the branch of philosophy that examines the true nature of reality,
whether visible or invisible. Metaphysics includes the relationship between mind and matter,
substance and attribute, and, fact and value. Basically, metaphysics is the philosophical
study of being and knowing. It is very closely related to spirituality, but it is not a religion.
This resonates with a lot of people because most people use their 6th sense, some more than others, and we know that there is a large portion of reality that plays in our life that is invisible. Metaphysics has an infinite array of possible answers to our questions that help address our inner curiosity or inner knowing that there is something greater at play.

Where Do I Start?

When asking the basic questions, like, “who am I?” it is common for people to explore these questions for most of their lives. As they learn, they grow and develop a deeper understanding with each new discovery, journeying to a life of inner peace, acceptance and knowing. No one can answer these very important questions for you.

All that you are searching for to make sense of your life is already within you now. You are, have been, and always will be connected to the infinite source, or God. Your quest to find answers and information is a way to remind yourself of something that you already know.

Our connection to source means we have infinite intelligence and wisdom.

An important reminder:

  • When learning, be open to new ideas and possibilities. It might not make sense now, but as you grow and learn more it can make sense later when you understand a bigger picture.
  • If something resonates with you, then keep it and explore it further. Always let your heart guide you. You heart is your connection to source. If something we teach does not resonate with you, then forget it, and move on. You must only explore information that resonates with you and your intuition.
  •  As a child in our first 7 years our mind is an empty vessel that downloads everything it see, hears, and feels. It is like a tape recorder. Then later in life this is the program that runs our subconscious mind. These thoughts are not your thoughts or beliefs. Most of us are living a life on beliefs that may not be our own and might not be working out for us. This is why we are often struggling with the questions of “who are we?” Let your heart guide you. Take time to stop and feel from your heart space.
  • Your life can move in a balanced and centered way when you take time to learn about who we really are, not what we think our reality is. You are responsible for your own life through learning, growing and living to find your inner peace. Learn and grow from the obstacles and challenges that are put in front of you.
  • Ask the questions,
                “Why did that happen to me?”
                “What can I learn from that experience or that person?”
                “What did that experience teach me about who I really am?”
                “Am I listening to my heart or my head?” 

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