Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Third Eye

The third eye allows you to tap into the limitless knowledge which you can access directly in order to answer the questions for which you tend to look to others. Be the mentors, gurus, therapists, astrologers or psychics.

It is closely associated with the pineal gland, and is evident in many children where it is clear that their pineal gland functions properly, flowing freely with creativity and psychic abilities. There are many children who can see auras or lights around people and many who can see and communicate with deceased relatives, spirit guides and angels. It is also evident, through lack of use,  the pineal gland begins to calcify due to lack of energy no longer being directly there, reason being that generally society has been literally closed  to intuition and psychic abilities. Today these attitudes have changed.

 The perceptions of the third eye are not limited by time or space. The Third Eye sees energy patterns, and it is not limited by distance.

  Two petal lotus, wings either side of a circle, within which is a downward pointed triangle.  The petals are like our two eyes each side of the Third Eye.  The two sides of the brain working in harmony; or wings transcending physical limitations; and the worlds of reality. Often with the “OM” symbol in middle.


:  Known to be between the normal eyes above the bridge of your nose.  In actual fact the third eye is an area that goes from the tip of your nose to the top of your forehead and deep inside your brain in alignment with your pineal gland.  It has many components, including an area near the back of your sinuses that responds to emotional energy.

Life Lesson
:   Emotional Intelligence.

Associated Body Parts:
  Eyes, base of skull.

 Light/Telepathic energy.

Physical Dysfunctions:  Headaches, poor vision, neurological disturbances, glaucoma.

Emotional Dysfunctions:  Nightmares, learning difficulties and hallucinations.

Crystals:  Amethyst, Purple Apatite, Azurite, Calcite, Sapphire, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli

Incense/Oil:  Hyacinth, Violet, Rose geranium.

Main Issue:  Wisdom, intuition.

Sense:  6TH sense.  Extra sensory perception.

Chakra Characteristics:
Excessive or too open… highly logical, dogmatic, authoritarian, arrogant.
Blocked (sluggish or not spinning at all)  undisciplined, fears success, tendency toward schizophrenia, sets sights too low.
Balanced:  Charismatic, highly intuitive not attached to material things, may experience unusual phenomena.

Dysfunctional:  Rationalist
This person has left brain dominance, very hard on others and themselves in which they can’t accept failing.  They can only take a scientific view on everything.
Functional – Psychic
It is not just people working on a psychic professional level, its everyone that trusts that the answers to life’s challenges lie within themselves.

QUESTIONS: How much silence is there in your life for the whispers of intuition to be heard?  Spend more time in silence, focus on something beautiful and be still and silent.

When did you last act on intuition?  Go with any compelling thoughts – without rationalizing. Be alert to coincidences and experience that may contain messages. 

Do you truly see what is around you?  Exercise your physical perception by being alert to details such as shapes and colours. 

Do you look outside yourself for answers?  List personal queries such as why a certain person has come into your life.  Note insights in the forms of images, colours, works or phrases. 

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