Monday, 26 March 2012

Meditation Classes

Recognizing your Spirit.
To become aware of the Divine Spirit that resides within you is the first step into learning how to “love and live”   with Divine harmony.

Learning to love your self and live your Spirit is actually quite simple once you recongize  the truth. 
The truth is:  ”  You are not the ego!  You are the Divine.  You are the spirit!

Once you make that connection, love your inner Divine light and begin to live your Spirit.      When  you love and live your Spirit -  life flows peacefully.  Be enslaved to and follow your fearful ego life may not be so sweet.  It really is that simple. 

You are designed to be authentic, joyful, peaceful, magical and a highly empowered holy being.   These high vibrational guidelines bring out your natural best. 
By  distinguishing your false self (your ego) from your true, authentic self (your spirit), you may embrace accepting your sacred nature, freed from the ego habit of negative self-judgment and fear, in turn, experience the lightness of heart that comes with Spirit.

Firstly, loving your self and living your Spirit is recognizing who you really are.  Through personal experience, circumstances, we have been led to believe that we need to look or perform a certain way, often through cultural, religious, or psychological reasons the messages are tainted with a feeling of unworthiness, which manifests in a tendency to seek love from the outside. 

Seeking love through our egos, from the outside in, is a doomed prospect. Because our egos - which aren’t our true selves – can never be loved enough to feel satisfied, and because we can never control what’s outside of us consistently, we’ll never succeed if we seek to love ourselves this way.  Self love comes from appreciating and valuing ourselves from within, from a place that goes deeper than ego or personality.
Self – Love starts with knowing that we are Spirit.  We have bodies, we have personalities, we have histories, stories, and experiences.  But we are not those things- we are spirit.  Our bodies, egos, intellects, and personalities are tools that our Spirit uses to express itself in our physical embodiment.  They’re useful - they colour and influence our experience.  They affect our outlook, behaviour, responses and choices.  They make life interesting-but they’re nevertheless only implements for our Spirit to use.  They aren’t who we are.

Once you decide to recognize your Spirit, the next step is to live it.  To do so is to honour and respect your most authentic Divine self, remembering who you really are and expressing it in the world.  To live your spirit is to rise above the pain and confusion of the human ego and travel through life as the Divine Being you’re designed to be.  It’s your true identity – this is your purpose... this is the Divine plan.  This is the only way.

Einstein said it best:   The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind its faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

This is why we fail to find success through the ego.  This is why life, for many is an endless drama and struggle – because we follow our inferior guide, the one that’s defensive, unclear, poorly informed, confused, easily intimidated, self-absorbed and fearful.

To live your spirit is simple:  All you must do is detach from your ego and follow your heart.  Adopt daily practices that are simple but honest expressions of you – such as listening to your inner voice, being flexible and changing direction if it is called for, keeping your heart open, and laughing throughout the day – you’ll naturally raise the energetic frequency of your Spirit above that of ego.  The more you resonate with the frequency or vibration of Spirit, the stronger the connection becomes.  And the stronger it becomes, the clearer the direction your Spirit offers in your life. 

When you begin to live your Spirit, the first thing you’ll feel is its presence in your heart.  It conveys an actually energetic sensation.  For some, this is a subtle fluttering, for others, it’s a warm, intense buzz.  For some it feels like a relief, as though a missing piece to the puzzle has been found.  For others it “pings”. “clings” or rings “true”.  In all cases, the minute you raise your vibration enough to connect with your Spirit, you feel real, genuine, authentic, whole and satisfied.  The empty restlessness within you quiets down.  The void fills up and physically you begin to relax and enjoy life.  You return to wholeness.

As you connect more with Spirit, your ego will be set back, you will be more capable of listening to and actually absorbing messages from others and the world around you.  You’ll not only hear the content; you’ll begin to register the intent behind the communication, too.

As you continue to strengthen your relationship with your Spirit, the mental chatter of your ego will quieten down.  The suspicions, insecurities, second-guessing, defensive dialogues will begin to decrease.   In this new found quiet, your attention will be drawn to the sound, feeling, and vibration of your inner voice.  You’ll begin to hear your guidance. 

When you find your true self, true integrity and align with your Spirit, life aligns with you.  Obstacles give way to openings, and struggle turns to support.    You begin to experience what can be referred to “catching the waves”, or “getting into the flow”.   You no longer have to agonize over or try to control life.  You just show up and life carries you to greater and better experiences. 

All that is required is that you choose to live as a Divine Being and follow your Spirit as opposed to living as an ego-bound being, following your fears.  Only the decision is difficult.  

Breath is essential to living and loving your Spirit.  In fact, your breath is your Spirit.  The air you take in gives you life.  To breathe deeply is to claim your Spirit and bring it into every cell of your body. 

One of the things that occurs when you disconnect from your Spirit and get entangled in the drama and confusion of the false ego self is that you stop breathing deeply.  When you body doesn’t get adequate oxygen, it goes more deeply into fear and anxiety, thus creating vicious cycle of self-debilitating negativity.  So to love your
Spirit – to live your Spirit – you must breathe.



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